Monday, May 23, 2022


How often do you eat at a fast food restaurant?

We know that many people prefer to support and eat at local mom-and-pop restaurants more than they like to eat at a chain or fast food restaurant, but sometimes it seems that’s the only option (especially on the Interstate). If you’re in a hurry, fast food sure makes things easy.

Please tell us in the poll below how often you eat at a fast food restaurant. We mean a place like McDonald’s, Burger King, Subway, Taco Bell, etc. Even if it’s a local fast food chain, it still counts.

Please leave a comment too if you’d like. We get excited when we receive comments about food. It is a shared love, isn’t it?


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Carlos B Lourenco
1 year ago

While traveling and where possible we always treat ourselves to an IN-N-OUT experience . The only fast food we stop for.

1 year ago

On travel days usually grab lunch at a fast food place. Mom and Pops are preferred but fast food is more convenient when on the move.

Jim G.
1 year ago

It’s hard to beat the $5 Fill-Up at KFC. Good food at a value price.

Danny Evans
1 year ago

We seldom eat at fast food places when home, but on the road we do quite a bit.

1 year ago

A few times a month until this virus hit. Hope “normal” comes back. I miss my Steak n Shake.

Gene Bjerke
1 year ago

On the road we usually grab a Senior Coke from McDonald’s to carry with us. Occasionally we will also add a burger or something. So we stop at McD’s just about every day, but don’t often eat there.

Marilyn M
1 year ago

I LOVE junk food! If I had the body-type that allowed it I’d be there every day! Fortunately for me I am currently living in a smallish fishing town in Baja California Mexico where there aren’t any fast food restaurants. However there are enough taco joints that I could go to a new one each day and still not visit all of them in a month! Maybe it’s a good thing I’m stuck at home with a broken leg after having had 2 hip and 1 knee replacement in the past 3 years! And I’m not even 60 yet! All of the crawling around fixing aircraft after almost 29 years in the Canadian military!!
I’m now dreaming of a Whopper from Burger King, a freezie from Wendy’s, a strawberry shake from Jack-In-The-Box etc. etc.

1 year ago

It is starting to be fast food type if you want to eat out for breakfast. Thank goodness for Waffle House. Mom and Pop places are disappearing or do not serve breakfast.

Kaeleen Buckingham
1 year ago

I have food allergies that fortunately make it nearly impossible to eat at any fast food establishment.

Steve flippo
1 year ago

Fast food and sugary drinks are the two main reasons we have become an obese nation. The healthiest action anyone can make is to avoid fast food.

Steven N
1 year ago

While they had the establishments closed down for COVID to only take out and drive through we tried to only go to local places to help prop them up. We try to make eating out a treat so we only go once a pay day. Once in awhile we are running errands and it will go through lunch or into the supper hour so we don’t feel like cooking but we try to avoid that also.

K larson
1 year ago

Starbucks is a quick service food restaurant same as the others you listed. I wonder how many people would change their answer had you listed it.

Timothy J Detiveaux
1 year ago

Prefer eating at local mom-and-pop restaurants. Maybe once a month at a fast food chain.

Evelyn Arenella
1 year ago

We eat at Culver’s maybe once a month. We do enjoy their butter burgers!!

1 year ago

Never go in to eat always take out when we do use a fast food place which is not very often