Monday, December 5, 2022


Have you ever worked for one employer continuously for 20 years or more?


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average person stays at one job for 4.6 years. However, the numbers show that for younger people, the average time is 3.2 years, but for people over the age of 65, the average is 10.3 years. Millennials are staying at jobs for shorter periods of time than older generations used to. It’s not uncommon to switch jobs every two-three years. In fact, this is what job recruiters look for on resumes.

Where do you stand? Have you ever worked for one employer continuously for 20 years or more? If you answer yes, will you tell us what you do (or did) as a profession in the comments below the poll? We’d like to know. Thanks!

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Dave J
1 year ago

26 years, USAF. Radar maintenance, then radio maintenance, then maintenance of Security Command “stuff”. Then managing a large (1.5 million $/month) AF Commissary.

Mike Hackney
1 year ago

I worked in the grocery business for 35 yrs. Then I always wanted to drive a truck so I got a job driving a beer truck. Best job ever. I enjoyed working out doors & being my own boss for the most part

Steve D
1 year ago

25 years public transit.

Uncle Swags
1 year ago

The results of the survey indicate that the vast majority of responders are not “the average person according to the BLS”. And definitely few, if any, are millennials.

And I worked for one employer for 32 years but it was just prep work for a career in retirement.

Paul Hetchler
1 year ago

My career of 32 years was being a high school biology and physics teacher. My first teaching job was 2 years and I submitted my resignation. My 2nd teaching job lasted 30 years, 13 years as Dept Chair. I truly enjoyed the humor of working with the kids. Too many administrators drove me nuts.

1 year ago

25 years at a medical diagnostic instrument mfr and another 7 with GE after it bought them out. A true Risen From The Ranks story. Started as a temp worker in assembly, took advantage of free tuition at local college for 5 years
Experienced nearly every department. Ended up earning 7 times my initial salary. Retired at 60. No regrets whatsoever.

Peter Kehoe
1 year ago

I worked for an association of international educators who help students travel to foreign countries (including to the USA for many).

Brian W
1 year ago

34 years as meteorological inspector ensuring quality control on weather reporting equipment for the government of Canada.

1 year ago

I’m an Assistant Chief of Investigations, and have been with the same employer for 21 years.

John Boy
1 year ago

22 years for a County Government in Colorado… Just retired Dec 30….

Mark Spehar
1 year ago

I’m a fireman 21 years in the same department.

David Binkowski
1 year ago

Yes, my own company. Great CEO!

1 year ago

30 years and some months with the Federal Aviation Admin starting in air traffic and working numerous jobs seeking advancement. Major lesson learned – don’t ever chase a job for money. Best career move – RETIREMENT!

Frank Engstrom
1 year ago

Hewlett Packard for 22 Years in instrument sales in AZ

Dr. Willie Live
1 year ago

Worked 30.5 years for Western Electric, plant closed and I retired. Worked for 18 years for local county government in IT. Retired again. Miss all the people, but not the politics.

Rory R
1 year ago

Nope, my record is 12 years. I worked in Aerospace for 15 years and learned very quickly to look at the industry, rather than one company for a career. Then I left Aerospace and went into the entertainment industry. Not as an entertainer, but continuing my career in IT. That’s where I spent the last 12 yrs before retirement.

Sharon Fierst
1 year ago

Forgot to put I worked for 41 years for K-mart.

Sharon Fierst
1 year ago

Worked for K-Mart, auto bookkeeper, office manager, morning manager and district coordinator. Traveled more than I wanted the last ten years but enjoyed the challenge. Glad I’am retired.

Nancy Miller
1 year ago

34 yrs was a respiratory therapist in a hospital, really loved it. And I am SO glad I am retired!!

1 year ago

44 years as a travel agent, 12 years with Professional Travel which was purchased by USTravel, which was purchased by Corporate Travel Management. Worked in Fairbanks and Prudhoe Bay. Loved my career ❤ and helping all those ppl, and making lifelong friends from all over the USA.

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