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How often do you watch TV?

Do you watch TV every night? Every morning? All day? Or do you hardly ever watch TV? And we mean either live TV or TV you can stream on services like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, etc. It all counts!

On Live TV in 2019-2020, NFL Sunday Night Football was the most popular program,  followed by NCIS, NFL Thursday Night Football, NFL Monday Night Football, FBI, Blue Bloods, Chicago Fire, This Is Us, Young Sheldon and Chicago PD. These live TV watchers sure like their football and crime! Ha!

Now, as far as streaming goes, the top ten most popular shows in 2020 (in order from most popular) were: The Office, Ozark, Grey’s Anatomy, Lucifer, Criminal Minds, The Crown, NCIS, Tiger King, Schitt’s Creek, and The Mandalorian.

Now, if you’ve seen all the shows listed above, we’re guessing you watch a lot of TV. Hey, no shame. Those are good shows!

Please vote in the poll below and tell us what your favorite TV show is in the comments – we’d love to know!


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2 years ago

I watch the local news in the morning for weather, etc. But that’s it.

DL Jenson
2 years ago

Everyday unless camping!

2 years ago

At home watch TV, when we are gone in RV. Hardly ever.

Gene Bjerke
2 years ago

When we are home we watch TV every night. When we are on the road we read books.

2 years ago

I turn the Tv on at 5:00pm (1700) for the local news and on to nationals. Sort of watch while eating supper and then til about midnite or so. My wife turns it on when she gets up and all day until bedtime – about midnite. I never turn it on during the day unless there is a major event of some sort. too many other priorities.

Sink Jaxon
2 years ago

Camping, we’ll watch movies only in bad weather after tiring of Gin or Cribbage. Home, we watch home improvement shows, or rodeo or nature shows, weather channel. Never the lying news or political commentary BS! (but then I repeat myself). I refuse to pollute my mind with that drivel.

John Macatee
2 years ago

A movie two or 3 times a week. So about 5 – 5 hours a week.

Grant Graves
2 years ago

Before March 2020 I almost never watched TV. Maybe a movie on weekends. But after I retired in March I started watching news in the morning while cooking and getting ready for the day. I watch the news in the evenings sometimes and watch a movie most nights. While the news is on I usually do other stuff like read RVTravel news letter. 🙂

E Step
2 years ago

A year ago my answer would have been different. Now being home more one or the other of us is watching every day.

2 years ago

My TV broke in 1984. Haven’t had one since. Don’t miss it.

2 years ago

Not real sure how to answer. My husband has a TV on nearly all day, every day. When he’s not home, I never turn it on. Before he joined my life I got the “Mean Mother of the Year” award many times because we did not have a TV in the house for years. My mother finally bought one “for the kids” but really so she could watch it during her visits. I do like some of the streaming but I’m not even a movie person most of the time. But books…I can consume a book a day easily.

David Kulman
2 years ago

Never football, or any pro sports…
Discovery, weather and History..

2 years ago

Wheel of Fortune and a couple of others IF I remember to turn the TV on Elsewise nothing.

Thomas D
2 years ago

Addicted! 6+ hours a day. Eyes don’t like reading. In 10 minutes they start burning. Between Tivo and streaming I’m a happy guy. No stupid reality shows though.

2 years ago

No satellite, no internet, only the crank up antenna so we turn the TV on for the morning and/or the evening news & weather if local OTA stations available. If inclement weather outside, maybe a movie at night from one of three 500GB hard drives connected to TV. Otherwise, we’re active outside.

David Telenko
2 years ago

We watch TV a lot at home! But I can safely say in the last 40 years with different motor homes we maybe watched it 2 or 3 times a year. Way too many other things going on even if it’s raining or snowing! Much rather be out exploring or cooking over the camp fire with our group, we mostly boondock!

Tommy Molnar
2 years ago

Some friends told us about Schitt’s Creek. Said “You’ve GOT to watch it!”. So we did – and got hooked. That was at home. When we hit the road, not so much. Stuck in an RV Park for seven months, we started “binge watching” both Criminal Minds and Law & Order. The problem with Criminal Minds is, it makes you afraid of your own shadow!

After 20 years of setting up the tripod with the dish on it, we broke down and got a Dish Playmaker. That was a life changing experience! Probably saved our marriage . . .
Anyone who sets up a dish on a tripod must know what I mean.

2 years ago

I said everyday but that is only when home. We almost never turn on the RV tv. If we do it is because weather has forced us in and we watch dvds that I bring along for such situations.

Interesting how viewing has changed though. Other than news and sports we almost never watch broadcast tv. We stream everything else.

JBC Cripps
2 years ago

TVs, radios, etc. are so invasive in the RV, camping environments.
Our dependence on technology has resulted in far too much added selfish behavior.

It’s not the use of technology, it’s the misuse of it – too loud, too rowdy, too self-absorbed as if no one else exists. Nothing worse than the having a rig pull in next to you and they have the TV or radio on all day at levels that are ‘shared’ with too many – even worse when the TV is on the exterior of the rig – and much of the time they are not even watching the TV. As for radios – a problem for a very long time.

This RVer is thinking of giving up what was once a relaxing, get away from home opportunity.

Neal Davis
2 years ago

I have many favorite TV shows. The one that I most want to see is usually the one I have not seen in quite a while. Generally they were broadcast in black and white, but a few were in color. A quick list that may omit one or two is:
Peter Gunn
Naked City (1-hr episodes > 30-min episodes)
Mr. Lucky
Midsomer Murders
Have Gun – Will Travel
Dr. Who (1963-1989)
Crossing Lines
China Beach
The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show

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