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How old were you when you met your current spouse/partner?

Have you been with your spouse or partner for a long, long time? Maybe you were high school sweethearts? Or perhaps that marriage didn’t turn out so well, and you met someone else later.

We know that for many RVers, their current spouse or partner was someone they met only in recent times, perhaps after the loss of a long-time partner, even after many years of being alone, perhaps not ever expecting to fall in love again.

Many RVers are surprised to come across older couples in campgrounds and assume they’ve been together a long time, raised a family, all that. And then they start talking and hear “Oh, we met two years ago on” It is not uncommon.

For today we’re just curious how old you were when you met your current partner? Only answer if you are in a relationship, okay?

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Mot (@guest_201139)
1 year ago

When sophomores in HS.
We were 15-16.
Married as seniors in HS at 17-18
Now on our 62 year of full time life together.

Gil (@guest_198007)
1 year ago

Met my bride in the 6th grade. Started dating as a junior in high school. Married for 52 years. She has given me a wonderful life along with 2 great sons.

Peggy (@guest_197832)
1 year ago

We met in high school at the age of 16. In drivers training class. Been married 37 years with two kids and 1 grandchild. It’s been an adventure!

M D-B (@guest_197744)
1 year ago

Met my husband when I was a 4H leader and his kids were in my club. We were both married to others at the time. Flash forward 3 years both divorced and we fell in love.
I was 39 to his 35 and we’ve now got 32 years of being together. He’s my best friend.

Big Bill (@guest_197659)
1 year ago

We met at a happy hour. She was sitting at a table with her girl friends. She gave me the most beautiful smile I had ever seen. I asked for a lunch date the next Monday. That was 44 years ago and we have never been apart since! I was 36 at the time. She was 23. All of her friends thought I was a dirty old man. Hmm, maybe. But now they are all divorced and we are together forever!

Larry Lee (@guest_197651)
1 year ago

We first met at a Fall church retreat at Peach Creek outside Houston TX. I was 28 and she was…um…a little bit older. No sparks. Fast forward to spring the next year and we spent a day together doing a good deed cleaning an elderly lady’s filthy apartment while she was in the hospital having surgery. We went out for dinner that evening to Houlihan’s (after going to our separate homes and cleaning up). Dating followed with our wedding that same year on Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend. I have been thankful for that elderly lady needing help ever since.

Richard Winchester USA Retired (@guest_197642)
1 year ago

Was 23 just returned from my 2 tour in Viet Nam and stationed at Ft Hood Texas when I met the love of my life. We married on March 3 1973 and still going strong after 49 years.

Barb (@guest_197626)
1 year ago

I was 14 he was 16. Been married 58 yes. Been camping….I mean real camping for 57 yes. Love it

Gary G (@guest_197625)
1 year ago

I was 19 DW was 23 😁 married 52 years August 20. 🥂💐💐💐

Don Waggoner (@guest_197617)
1 year ago

We were married on Treasure Island, San Francisco, California Bay, 1962=60 years and counting. Couldn’t be Happier!!

Joseph Eafrati (@guest_197608)
1 year ago

Actually, we met when we were only five years old. We didn’t see each other again until we were 21. We dated for three months got engaged and married three months later.

Last edited 1 year ago by Joseph Eafrati
Gene Bjerke (@guest_197601)
1 year ago

How to answer this question. I was about 75 when my partner and I became a couple 12 years ago, but we first met 35 years earlier (when we both had other partners) and maintained connections through the years.

A Day (@guest_202891)
1 year ago
Reply to  Gene Bjerke

Very similar! Met as work friends 37 years ago, both in relationships with others. Reconnected through FB about 3 years ago, married last year, couldn’t be happier!!!

Diane M (@guest_197593)
1 year ago

I was 19, husband was 22. We married 3 years later. 46 years together. Best friends forever.

Last edited 1 year ago by Diane M
DW/ND (@guest_197585)
1 year ago

Fifty-Six years last week and counting……….. I was 30, my wife was – you know it’s a secret! She was a Canadian living 240 mi. away – many weekend trips by car, bus, plane! After dating for 1.5 yrs – one nite, in 1966, outside the Greyhound bus stn., she suggested this needed to change – …so set the date! And here we are in 2022!

rich (@guest_197584)
1 year ago

55-yrs ago in 1967 we were 17 (me) and 16. i was a senior in high school, Donna was a junior. it was the end of the school day and i was putting stuff away and getting my jacket out of my locker when she came walking down the hall. she stopped at my locker and started going thru it. she later told me that she wanted to meet me. i asked her out and the rest is history. we married in 1970 and will celebrate 53-yrs married next March. She is the best!

Cindy (@guest_197583)
1 year ago

We met when we were 4 years old while taking swimming lessons. We live in a small farm town and grew up together. We were in the same grade and class from kindergarten through 8th grade. We were friends all through high school. We didn’t date until after graduation and were married at age 18. It’ll be 44 years of marriage in December.

Linda (@guest_197582)
1 year ago

We met in the summer of 1969, married in 1970 and after 52 years of marriage we are still inseparable and enjoy traveling together full time😊

Marie (@guest_197576)
1 year ago

First date: 1/24/1981
Engaged: 3/6/1981
Married: 11/28/81

Almost 41 years, two sons, five grandkids. We still like each other! Love is the easy part; like….not,always so easy.

We discovered campers and got our first Labor Day weekend. Life keeps getting better & better!

Skip (@guest_197571)
1 year ago

33 years ago (but whom is coonting), second marriage, 4 children grown and on with the own lives. Wouldn’t trade for nothing. At this age it would take to long to get to the broke in period. I think a bit settled the second time around I think because you’re more open about expectations going forward.

Last edited 1 year ago by Skip
Brenda (@guest_197569)
1 year ago

We met 16 years ago, I was mid 40’s he was in his 50’s.

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