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Are you a parent?


Are you a parent? If so, are you a parent to one child or multiple children? Are you a stepparent?

In this poll, you have the ability to vote twice. If you have a biological child as well as stepchildren, you’re able to vote for both of those options.

As always, thanks for voting. Feel free to leave a comment too and tell us all about your kiddos.

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Jesse Crouse
1 month ago

Only to the 4 legged furry kind. Don’t have an honest #.

Ron T.
1 month ago

Wife had daughters 14 & 20 when we met. Now have four grands and 2 1/2 great grands. All the grands & great grands except the 1/2 have RV’d with us. She’ll have to wait a few years. Makin’ Memories!

Bob Weinfurt
1 month ago

Biologically no but in my younger days I used to spend quality time with kids. Things like fixing a lawn mower or fishing. Sometimes helping them with their homework, sometimes just talking. I saw the difference that made in some of their lives. Some of the friendships have lasted 40+ years.

Last edited 1 month ago by Bob Weinfurt
ian c
1 month ago

Between us we have 5 children, one son, four daughters, 13 grand children and two young great grand children, some in California, some in Northern Idaho and one family in New Jersey. By the time this year is over, we will have seen all of them. Great Times

Diane M
1 month ago

Two fine sons, two wonderful daughters-in-law, and three cherished grandchildren.

1 month ago

We had a son and a daughter – Son deceased in 2000 from a carbon monoxide accident and our daughter deceased in 2011 from breast cancer. Our son blessed us with a grand-daughter and she has really blessed us with 2 boys and 2 girls for great grand kids and great they are! Certainly filled a timely and major hole in our lives. (Now 9,7,5 and 2).

RV Staff(@rvstaff)
1 month ago
Reply to  DW/ND

D and J, I’m so sorry to hear about losing both of your children so tragically. But I’m so happy to hear you have a wonderful granddaughter and four “great” greats! Take care. 🙂 –Diane

1 month ago

No children of our own, however we are sports parents so we have a couple hundred kids (we’ve been doing this for years) call us mom and dad.

Kevin G.
1 month ago

We each have children from previous marriages. I have a son, she two. All are grown and off on their own now. However, we get a do-over. We are now raising our granddaughter, her youngest son’s daughter. The number of grandparents we meet that are also raising their grandchildren is huge.

1 month ago

3 sons and one daughter. My 44 year old daughter contacts me every morning and night.

1 month ago

voting twice was not allowed.

RV Staff(@rvstaff)
1 month ago
Reply to  Fred

Sorry, Fred. Thanks for letting us know. I didn’t set the poll up and hadn’t tested that option when I proofed it. I just went in and added that option. (Better late than never?) Have a great day. 😀 –Diane

1 month ago

no kids by mutual choice.

Last edited 1 month ago by Rich
1 month ago

Three biological and was blessed with an additional daughter when I remarried.

Bob p
1 month ago

Yes and yes. I have 3 children 2 sons and 1 daughter, and I have a son and daughter from my present wonderful wife. We have been married 6.5 years and wish we had met 50 years sooner. Although I doubt there would’ve been 5 children total had we met sooner. Lol

1 month ago

We have a son and daughter and 4 grandsons.

Tommy Molnar
1 month ago

I have two step-children, now in their late 40’s. I had no kids during my ‘practice marriage’ of 8 years – by design. But then I met the “woman of my dreams”. However, she had two kids from HER ‘practice marriage’ and I became a dad. The kids took to me right away (7 and 10) and I to them. Best thing that ever happened to me!

Glen Cowgill
1 month ago

Four Children who grew up camping. Even while in the military, my children were able to camp. They traveled extensively throughout SE Asia, throughout the United States. My oldest son has camped throughout England and Europe. At 81, I still enjoy getting out even though doctor appointments try to take away my time.
BTW, sometimes we had our children’s friends with us on expeditions wherever we lived. Good old days!

Ed K
1 month ago

Yes, one son. I figured out what caused that and fought her off after that!

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