Thursday, June 8, 2023


Do you use an electric can opener in your RV?

Once you’ve used an electric can opener it’s hard to go back to those old-fashioned manual ones. If you have an electric can opener, you know this already. Some gadgets aren’t worth taking up the space… but some are, especially if you have weak hands or suffer from arthritis.

In your RV, do you use an electric can opener? Or do you only use one when you’re at your sticks and bricks? Feel free to leave a comment below the poll.

And if you’re in the market for an electric can opener, you can find a large selection here.


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7 months ago

Not worth the weight or power use for us. But we probably open 1 can a week.

Diane Mc
7 months ago

Nor do we at home. Have a great can opener that takes the lids off below the rim of the can so that the lids don’t have a sharp edge. Only can opener we will use.

Dale Gilbert
7 months ago

don’t even use one at home

7 months ago

Nope P38 issue in the USAF. One in the drawer one on my keychain. Home is electric but most things now are pop tops so not used often.

Bob p
7 months ago

DW takes all her modern conveniences with her. She says she out grew roughing it 40 years ago. I showed her my G.I. issued can opener, she said it was too complicated for her. Lol

Karen Bates
7 months ago

I haven’t used an electric can opener in many years! They we’re always breaking and having to be replaced. The manual one is very reliable!

7 months ago

We have one but rarely use it. Fresh foods are preferred in our eating habits.

7 months ago

I have a battery operated can opener in the RV and S’s & B’s. It doesn’t cut the metal lid, it unseals the lid. No shavings, no sharp metal and you don’t need an electrical outlet.

Susan S.
7 months ago

We don’t buy much in the way of canned foods because of a special diet I am on requiring more fresh and frozen foods. If we do buy canned foods, what we purchase usually has a pop up tab to lift the lid off. If we need the use of a can opener, we have a manual can opener in our RV which we live in FT. We’ve never owned an electric can opener in the 41 years we’ve been married and lived in S&Bs, but eventually we may need to look into getting one later in our “golden years”.

7 months ago

I don’t even use an electric opener at home, in spite of my arthritic hands. Last one I tried left metal filings on top of the food, and it was a good brand. Haven’t tried another one since.

Gary G
7 months ago

Why not? much easier on arthritic hands

7 months ago


Hahaha! Should be a survey choice!

I will check with Mrs preparedness but I don’t think we even have a can opener (of any kind) in the RV .

No disrespect to the other commenters who have personal reasons for needing same. I commend them for finding their solutions!

Timothy Johnson
7 months ago

I don’t have one in my house either ….

David Bulkley
7 months ago

We don’t even have one in the sticks and bricks.

Gayle V.
7 months ago
Reply to  David Bulkley

Ditto, us either.

Steve H
7 months ago
Reply to  David Bulkley

Neither do we. Had ones decades ago when our boys were teenagers and eating us “out of house and home”, but not since they wore it out. No need for one now that soup, tuna, pineapple, etc., come in cans with pull-tab lids. I’m just happy that I’ll never have use a P38 to open a can again!

7 months ago
Reply to  Steve H

After all these years, I still carry a P38 on my key chain. Wonder if it still works? I don’t think I have the strength to use it anymore

7 months ago

We use a smooth edge manual can opener at home. It eliminates the sharp edge of the lid and the chance of the lid falling into the can. The electric one was tossed years ago.
Of course we have very few cans that need one. Use mostly frozen vegetables to eliminate the sodium and dried soup packets in the trailer.
We do have a P38 in the trailer, just in case. If we can find it.

7 months ago

I have carpal tunnel in both wrists so a hand held can opener is too painful to use…So yes I use an electronic one when needed.

7 months ago
Reply to  Colleen

Colleen: My wife had it also – several years ago! Her Dr., on a Friday, scheduled her for immediate surgery on Monday. Over the weekend we happened to read a magazine called “Prevention” where in they recommended vitamin B-12 (50 mg daily I think). She cancelled the surgery and started the B-12 supplement. No surgery yet and no side effects for her – that was over 25 yrs ago! Check with your Dr..

7 months ago

I use an OXO hand crank opener both at home and on the road.

Rock & Tina
7 months ago

Canned food is too heavy. RV shelving can’t handle too many without overloading. Frozen veggies taste better and are much lighter when not packed in water in a can.

T Edwards
7 months ago

Opposite the first couple of comments, we use a battery operated can opener in our S&B and RV. We live 7-8 months each year in the RV. We have a fully stocked pantry, having converted the midbunk room into what we call out box room. Our RV has as much kitchen counter space as the S&B home so we do a lot of food prep & cooking. Much of the ingredients come from the kitchen pantry or the box room pantry.

We discovered the ease of using the electric can opener when our joints began complaining about using the hand crank opener. We also keep a good supply of rechargeable batteries on hand for all our portable electronic devices.

7 months ago

The only cans I open in the RV have pop tops.

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