Friday, February 3, 2023


How often do you watch a movie at a theater compared to five years ago?

Gosh… can you believe five years ago was 2017? Does that seem possible? Where has the time gone?!

Anyway… think about where you were back in 2017. Were you going and seeing movies in theaters often? No? What about now? Do you see more movies in the theater now than you did then? Did the pandemic change your movie-going habits?

If you’ve seen a good movie in the theater recently, tell us about it. We love movies!


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1 month ago

Not nearly as often, but some movies MUST be seen in a theatre. Top Gun Maverick was sensational on the big screen! So was the latest James Bond, which coincidentally were the last two movies I saw in a theatre over the last 4 years.

Jeff Craig
1 month ago

A bit less – but only because the wife doesn’t like the theaters when they are crowded (because she tends to talk all through it….) I love going to see any of the Marvel/DC movies, the Lord of the Rings will be coming out again soon through FATHOM films, and Top Gun Maverick was just AMAZING! We usually go to the drive-in about 90 minutes away from us, where she likes to see whatever is showing.

Last edited 1 month ago by Jeff Craig
Neal Davis
1 month ago

I prefer movies that are in black-and-white over anything playing over the last 15-20 years, probably longer.

1 month ago

Planes Trains & Automobiles some 30 years ago. It was so stupid we walked out. 30 years later went to see Peter Rabbit. It was so cold inside that I had to go to the RV and get jackets and to the restroom for tissue to stuff in our ears because of the headache knocking volume. Once we got to quiet and warmth my wife thot maybe she had enjoyed it. Movies are no longer like when in high school, up in the back of the balcony – with the same girl – and I can’t remember the names of any of those movies.

1 month ago

not because of covid. just not many films we wanted to see. we saw the Top Gun sequel and it was terrific!!!

1 month ago

Didn’t go before Covid, we don’t miss the gum and sticky floors

Lawrence Neely
1 month ago

haven’t been to a movie theater in the last 7 years, need a different answer. went before but not now

Diane McGovern
1 month ago

The last movie I saw in a theater was “Unforgiven” with Clint Eastwood in 1992. (Don’t watch TV or watch anything streaming, or any other way, either. Too busy doing more important stuff.) 😀 –Diane at

1 month ago

Didn’t then don’t now. It will be on one of the streaming connections quick enough. And with all the safety concerns today whom wants the additional challenges. I’m good.

1 month ago

Haven’t been to a movie in years, but might go to the 3D for the new Avatar.

Deborah Mason
1 month ago

The nearest full time movie theater is 70+ miles away. Just not very workable for us. When we drive that far, we’re running errands, probably have our dogs with us. So, it’s very rare to go to a movie. 20 miles away there is a Saturday afternoon movie fundraiser on a weekly basis, showing old movies to raise funds to rehab the theater.

1 month ago

I answered same now as then, which is one movie every two or three years! The question isn’t of much value without a baseline.
1 month ago

Went by myself last Friday to see “Devotion”. Wife & granddaughter went yesterday to one that didn’t interest me. We’re slowly getting back to our pre pandemic level of attendance. For fans of Devotion” the plane that Lt. Hudner got as a replacement for the one he intentionally crash-landed can be found in the EAA museum in Oshkosh, now painted in the colors it wore when in Korea. We drive to the more distant of two local theaters just for the reclining seats.

1 month ago

Most new movies are full of propaganda. I won’t pay to be lied to. I get that for free with MSM.

1 month ago
Reply to  Richard

Right on!!

Jeff Craig
1 month ago
Reply to  Richard

Sorry they can’t be openly racist any more????

1 month ago

Haven’t been in years and no plans to go. Too loud and too expensive, but mostly just too loud.

1 month ago

We live in a small town that has a theater with 5 screens. We take our granddaughter when ever a new animated movie comes out. In the summers we do the Tuesday special $5.00 ticket & a free small bag of popcorn.

Donald N Wright
1 month ago

DFW theaters have a $5.00 dollars movie night on Tuesdays. Last one I say was the second Knives out movie.

David Kulman
1 month ago

I said ” didn’t go ” the last time I went the volume was so high it gave me a headache, I’m 73 and don’t need hearing aids, like to keep that way!!!

1 month ago

We haven’t been to a theater in several years and probably won’t be going to one in the next few years. First of all, it is just too expensive and there aren’t any good movies being made worth seeing anyway. Secondly, why go to a theater when we can sit in our comfortable living room and watch a movie on TV on a movie channel while having a cocktail and snacks. I’m surprised that the movie theaters are even still in business!!

James Lagasse
1 month ago

I’ve watched maybe 3 films in theaters since 2000, I took my grandson to see A Quiet Place in 2018 Avatar in 2009 and Spider-man In 2002. It’s not that I don’t like the theater, it’s just that I don’t like having to get a loan to buy a ticket, drink and a small popcorn. I can watch them at home on my high definition big screen TV for free or very little.

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