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Do you have a favorite place to camp that you return to often?

When planning your trips, do you try and visit the same place, or places, every year (or travel season)? Do you have a favorite campground? Favorite RV park or resort? A favorite boondocking spot?

In one of Gail Marsh’s “Around the Campfire” series, she and other RVers discuss the pros and cons of returning to the same campground each year. You can read that story here.

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Bob Weinfurt
23 days ago

I have a friend that owns a lot of property near-by. There is a quiet waterfront spot I can go to “get away from it all”. I’ve never connected to it but there is a 20 amp electric outlet about fifty feet from it.

Lawrence Neely
25 days ago

mine would be the first 3. it is about the area, not the type of campground.

25 days ago

We like shipshewana In also Myrtle Beach, SC and winter months Webster, fl for the weather and flea markets.

Jim Tilton
26 days ago

Wife and I travel around a 200 mile radius around Ohio during summer months and mainly stay at state parks. But with 6 months early reservations it’s hard to plan, so we mainly stay at the farm we own that has a 7 acre stone quarry, 450 acres of woods and trails, 4 30amp hook ups and 3 adult children with lots of grandchildren who love to swim and ride 4 wheelers. Big family parties and no campground rules. They all would rather camp there than any campgrounds.

Jeffery H.
26 days ago

Yes, but I’m not telling.

26 days ago

Corps of Engineers at Red Rock Lake near PELLA, Iowa. Love camping below the dam at Howell Station. Beautiful walking paths right alone the Des Moines river below dam. Several camping areas on the lake. Secret… 40 minutes from the house.

Roy Davis
26 days ago

We have 3 places we go to often. One of them changed when the owners sold to a major corporation. The next is a state park. The third is owned by a Lutheran church.

Tommy Molnar
26 days ago

We have a fave state park in eastern NV but sadly, they have drained the lake (for reasons unknown to the public). It was a great trout lake and we loved the place. Friends who live in the area are unable to explain the drain . . .

Richard Hughes
26 days ago

Sadly, our favorite camping spot is in Southern Arizona. In the summer, when the temperature is around 110, there are a lot of spots open. In the winter snowbirds have all the spots filled. They have also found a way around the time limit by either swapping sites with some or swapping cars parked in the sites.

26 days ago

We are blessed to live in the Pacific Northwest, where Oregon and Washington have wonderful park systems. We have several favorites, depending on whether we want ocean, mountain, or high desert views!

Robert Champlin
26 days ago

Our favorite winter home is Bentsen Palm Village RV Resort. We have no summer favorites. As full-timers we love to see new parts of the country.

26 days ago

We have at least 4 favorite places to camp depending on what state we are in.

26 days ago

we’re off the road now but for us it was the Black Hills, Custer County SD. 👍👍👍👍

26 days ago

Shawnee State Park, Schellsburg, PA. What more can I say: Welcome to PA!

26 days ago

Kartchner Caverns SP in AZ and Wilderness SP in MI. Totally different but equally beautiful.

26 days ago

We have some favorite USFS campgrounds we use almost every year. We return to Grand Canyon at least once a year, and stay in the dry campgrounds at each Rim. Occasionally we’ll stay at Trailer Village at South Rim. We have some CGs that are regular stops on the way to/from destinations, and we stay at the Tucson KOA to visit friends.
We camp to explore, so location is usually first consideration.
Husband is not yet retired, so we concentrate on the 4Corners States. We base camp and work out of that spot for a few days at a time.

26 days ago

One campground we visit regularly in Townsend, TN area. We’ve also used the same campground on various routes we travel regularly.

John Macatee
26 days ago

Joshua Tree

26 days ago

We have been staying in the same site at a private park at Wallowa Lake, OR for the past fifteen years. We love the area and have been going there every year for over 35 years even before we started rving 20 yrs ago. However, due to a change in the ownership of the park we won’t be going back next year. We are sad about that but it’s time to move on and meet new people.

Carl W
26 days ago

There are a few places I have stayed multiple times when traveling from one spot to another and a couple of favorite areas such as the Great Smoky Mountain area and places where I have stayed due to rallies I wanted to attend that are not in “favorite” campgrounds, but the key word in this question is “often.” Is stopping at the same campground for an overnight stay coming and going to a destination “often?”

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