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Did you “go steady” in high school?

Think back to high school for a moment (we know, it’s hard for us to remember that far back too!). Let us know when you’ve got a visual. Got it? Okay, good. Did you “go steady” with anyone? In other words, did you have a boyfriend/girlfriend who you dated exclusively for a long period of time?

If you happen to still be with your high school sweetheart, please leave a comment and tell us your story. We’d love to hear it!


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Don Nedrow
27 days ago

We met in Dads thorn less blackberry field. Needed extra help picking. she and her sisters and brothers came to help. That was sophomore year. 4 years later got married. Now married 63 enjoyable years. If I had to do it over again I would jump in again.

Bob Palin
27 days ago

Went to an all boys school and don’t lean that way…

Jeff Craig
27 days ago

Not really. Went to a small Baptist private school (and as the only Methodist there, I quickly learned the meaning of the words ‘delusional’ and ‘hypocrisy’) and only had interest in one girl the entire four years I was there (she was one of the few non-Preachers daughters). She, however, had eyes for someone else. I went to a Public School my Senior year, and dated about half-a dozen girls for about four months, until I met this one gal. Thirty eight years after we first me, she is still sitting by my side.

Last edited 27 days ago by Jeff Craig
27 days ago

Yep, sure did. Once it was with three different girls, until they got together. I didn’t marry until late 20’s. So I didn’t go steady with my future bride at all.

Roy Davis
27 days ago

I said yes and I married the one I went with the longest. We celebrated our 50th anniversary last year. I met my wife in ninth grade but we didn’t date until our senior year, got engaged 3 months later and married the following year. When ya know ya just know.

28 days ago

Darn, you made me do the math – twice! Is 62 years considered “steady” ? I was never good at math. I have never been able to know what day, month, or year it is. I surely don’t want to pull out a tape measure. We just merrily go along day by day.

Diane M
28 days ago

Yes, for 2 years of high school and first year of college, to a wonderful boy. I got stupid and broke up with him. I still regret that after all these years, even though we have both been happily married to others for 45+ years.

28 days ago

yup. met my futute wife when i was a senior in HS, she was a junior. thay was the fall of ’67. we were married in March of ’70. still going steady 53-yrs later. 👍👍👍

Harold Pittman
28 days ago

We started going “steady” when we were only Freshman in high school. Got married when we were 19 ( no shotguns necessary 😂😂) and have been married 52 years now. But wait! the story gets better. We were born in a small town hospital only 3 days apart so we were in the nursery together when born. We did not meet until we were in our Freshman year at school.

28 days ago
Reply to  Harold Pittman

That’s a nice story!

28 days ago

MULTIPLE TIMES! Didn’t find my One and Only until I was 37. Still with her…..

Neal Davis
28 days ago

It amuses me to recall high school. I only married at age 32, which I find extremely consistent with having a single date during high school. Consequently, I never went steady with anyone, including my wife. 😉

Deborah Mason
28 days ago

I was what my HS principal called “socially retarded” (to my mom, in front of me). I didn’t even really date until much later.

Zane D
28 days ago

Met her during my senior year while playing drums in a rock and roll band. Still married 52 years later.

28 days ago

No. Worked a lot going through high school and played some sports and high school was 30 miles away and grew up in a small town of 800.

28 days ago

Yes, but only towards the end of my senior year. When I graduated Tech school, I moved about 200 miles away. I came home every weekend to be with her. After a year of driving back and forth, we decided to get married. That was 53 years ago.

Steven N
28 days ago

Yep, and we just had our 40th.

Cliff Chambliss
28 days ago

March 1963 met the prettiest girl in the school. Started dating in May 1963, declared ‘going steady’ shortly after. 3 daughters, 11 grandchildren, 9 great grandchildren later, we are still ‘going steady’ and she is still the prettiest girl I’ve ever met.

28 days ago

Congratulations Cliff!

Gayle V.
28 days ago

Yep, and still going steady these 51 years, 47 of which we’ve been married. 🙂

David Buck
28 days ago

We’ve now been married 57 years.

Ed K
28 days ago

Still going with the same girl 53 years later, looking for another 25 at least.

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