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In general, do you like clowns?

Clowns… you either love ’em or you hate ’em! Most people seem to hate them though. In fact, in a survey from Vox, 42 percent of Americans say they are afraid of clowns. They are a bit creepy, aren’t they?

If you happen to be on the I-love-clowns end of the spectrum, have you ever been to the haunted World Famous Clown Motel in Tonopah, NV? It’s a famous roadside attraction, and if you like clowns, you may want to stop for the night. If you’re afraid of clowns, keep on driving because the hotel is nicknamed “America’s Scariest Motel”. Yipes!

Do you like clowns? Do you find them creepy, but you’re not necessarily afraid of them? Tell us in the poll below, and feel free to leave a comment too.


  1. With the exception of the iconic American West rodeo clowns (who are my true rodeo heroes) the genre for me is so-so. Slapstick comedy was ok when I was a child but my parents taught me that laughter at the expense of someone else’s misery was not acceptable.

  2. As a former clown and teacher, I recognized early that clowns had the capacity to frighten children as well as delight. We were people shaped, but our faces/hair/clothing didn’t look like average people. We often moved in huge quick motions that could be frightening. If we were speaking clowns, many affected a non normal speaking voice as well. All combined to make a clown someone to shy away from.
    I learned quickly to make slower, smaller moves as I approached children and had much more successful interactions
    I still didn’t get a warm reception from everyone, but it improved my chances.

  3. While in grad school I was accorded the privilege of training with the undergraduate distance runners. One with whom I ran a small number of times aspired to become a circus clown after graduation. My understanding is he did, but I don’t how long he did it. His personality seemed uniquely suited to the task of entertaining others.

  4. I used to be a professional clown. Started in church, did kids make-up for Halloween, birthday parties, worked children’s hospitals, etc. Loved it. I have hated what the movies have done to clowns – making them into “horror” films, something to be afraid of. Children used to love clowns, now, because of the film industry, they don’t so much, sad. We don’t have enough joy and laughter in this world as it is, and to take away something that gave us that from the goodness of their own heart is just wrong.

    • Loved Red Skelton as a child. I have enjoyed watching reruns of his shows, including black-and-white ones from the 50’s and early-60’s, on RFD TV.

  5. I didn’t respond to your poll because you didn’t have a simple answer of “No” or “No, I don’t like clowns”. I’m not terrified of them and they don’t creep me out, I just don’t like them.

  6. Clowns of the variety this survey is about are OK. I admire rodeo clowns for their purpose and their daring. It’s the “Hold my beer” variety, the Darwinian award contestant, that I can’t stand.

  7. Absolutely not. Did I just say that? Yes. I remember many years ago I thought clowns were strange but funny. But, somewhere along the growing years they changed and became horrifying. If people remember Bozo the Clown was on the scary side. Ya I’m good let’s skip the clowns I’d rather deal with ghosts.

  8. I like some clowns – those who help folks to enjoy their day; and I say this as a person who was a clown. I did it to escape on weekends from a job with negative interactions with people and encourage folks to be nice to those around them.


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