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Would you buy an RV made in China if the quality was equal to one made in the USA, but priced significantly less?

Say a new RV company came onto the market. The RVs they’re making are absolutely gorgeous! They have a great floorplan, unique design, high-end appliances, and the interior is classy yet modern. The quality is the same as U.S.-made RVs. It’s exactly what you’ve been looking for and it’s even a bit cheaper! The catch? It’s made in China. Would you still want to buy it?

Or, another scenario: Say Winnebago (or insert your favorite RV manufacturer here) shuts down their U.S. factories and begins making their RVs in China. Nothing is different except the pricetag is lower. Would you still want to buy a Winnebago?

Please answer in the poll below, and leave a comment, too, explaining your answer. We’re curious to hear your thoughts. Thanks!

Emily Woodbury
Emily Woodburyhttps://www.rvtravel.com
Emily Woodbury is the editor here at RVtravel.com. She was lucky enough to grow up alongside two traveling parents, one domestically by RV (yep, Chuck Woodbury) and the other for international adventures, and has been lucky to see a great deal of our world (and counting!). She lives near Seattle with her dog and chickens. When she's not cranking out 365+ newsletters for RVtravel.com she's hiking, cooking or, well, probably traveling.



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Skip (@guest_198648)
1 year ago

I hate seeing the “Made in China’ moniker on nearly EVERYTHING that we buy. They already control too much of our economy and goods. America was made great because we were a MANUFACTURING country. But that is no more. We make very little of what we consume now. That is the reason that this country is in the trouble that it is in. So my answer is NO!

Side note —- I bought a product a while back from a company that claimed online to be an American company. When I got the product, it was marked as “Made in (initials indicating China)” When I questioned the company, they told me that it was “ENGINEERED in the USA”. That is not the same as being MADE in the USA!! Anyway, I was not happy with them, although the product has turned out to be a good one.

Stacy B (@guest_198635)
1 year ago

The quality couldn’t be any worse!

Ray (@guest_198629)
1 year ago

I voted yes although I see the value in buying made in USA and put my money in it. However, I am so fed up with the make it cheaper and faster mentality of the boards of many of the mass producing American RV manufacturers that something needs to be done. For those of you old enough to remember the 80s we had the same issue with the American auto manufacturing. Remember planned obsolence? If it weren’t for Japan introducing high quality cars like the Camery, and taking market share, we’d still be buying junk. Just like we are in today’s USA RV market. So, if it gets those boards off their ***, like it did for the auto industry, yea I would consider buying a chinese made RV.

Tom M (@guest_198621)
1 year ago

Reading about all the quality issues with the new rv’s I thought they were made in china/

Norman Dale (@guest_155865)
1 year ago

Not no but hell no. One reason we are in the shape we are in is because we’ve handed our technology and manufacturing over to the CCP .

Ron Moore (@guest_135709)
2 years ago

Never. This buy cheap from China has been a total disaster to this country. Look at the auto industry and lack of Chinese Made Computer Chips….the Medicines and don’t forget the China Bomb tires they have on TT’s.

Mel Jones (@guest_133313)
2 years ago

China controls way too much of the American economy and we need to rely on American made goods and services. China is a communist country that does not have God. They would love to take over and they are way ahead of where it should be allowed. Most of the parts in American RV’s are already Chinese and that’s sad.

Jeff (@guest_111035)
2 years ago

I avoid China made products like the plague. A Chinese RV, no way! Btw, go look and check what brands of appliances you have in your home. GE, once a great American company has sold their appliance division to Haier, a Chinese company. LG? Why that is a Korean company as is Samsung. Not that the quality is any better but Whirlpool is at least manufactured here and the $ stays in the good old USA!
I have been an appliance tech for over 30 years and am appalled and disgusted with the crap being made today and the over-engineering that goes into the production.

Robert Wohlrab (@guest_110818)
2 years ago

I would not buy an RV made in China but with the US made quality being such as it is. China might do a better job.

Engineer (@guest_110735)
2 years ago

I go out of my way to not buy anything made in China. It’s the only way to make American great again……

Roland On (@guest_110729)
2 years ago

Yes, we ALL would definitely purchase “American made” products, even for a bit more, IF the quality is apparent over imports.
Why?? Well American companies have to remain competitive, and put out an equal, or better made product than imports. They have to be held accountable to the American consumers. Why purchase “crap”, when you could get quality?
The market determines who will succeed.
If American companies produce low quality RVs, at outrageous prices, and a import like Hyundai or Toyota, decides to compete in this market, you {bleeped} well, will see improvements in American made RV’s. Competition is good for the consumers. Too many consumers currently are complaining about the lack of quality of American made RVs. Will they decide to purchase an import, if the import has far better quality, reliability, features, for a far lower price?? I would! Why settle for less, even if American made.

Dennis (@guest_110678)
2 years ago

Brad I hope that attitude will change, I for one check almost all labels, anything made in china goes back don’t want any part of china. If its clothing I will tell the clerk ” would love to buy but made in china” hopefully over time will make a impact. I feel letting owner or clerk know my feelings times many more doing the same will change the course. Your right price does effect but FREEDOM can make a difference when we all get on board. My attitude also goes into food , sea food especially, china has some very bad habits when it comes to salmon, farm raised fish . NO NO NO.

Donna (@guest_110677)
2 years ago

NO! Absolutely NOT!!

Brad (@guest_110632)
2 years ago

I would argue that the vast majority of folks saying ‘no’ in this poll aren’t being 100% truthful. Reality is that all things being equal, price wins — regardless of where its made.  I know this b/c I am involved in a couple of businesses that compete against Chinese companies and more often than not, the fact that the Chinese companies (or suppliers) are able to offer a lower price means the American consumer choose them over us — an American manufacturer with American employees. And the quality isn’t even close (we’re far superior). So while lots of folks like to say they would support an American company, in reality, when push comes to shove, price wins every time. I see it every single day.  That’s the harsh reality.

Bull (@guest_110631)
2 years ago

I would not buy any new RV from any American manufacturer as has been shown here and everywhere else in the RV world the quality of American manufactured RV’s SUCKS!

Yes I would look at a Chinese built RV. Can’t be any worse than an American RV JUNK built today and maybe just maybe that Chinese unit might be a better built quality unit. Would not surprise me at all!

Time will tell when a Chinese manufactured RV hit’s the American shores. I am sure I will not have to wait long to find first hand answer to the question of the quality of a Chinese built RV!

Mike (@guest_110630)
2 years ago

NEED to keep jobs here. Enough outsourcing already.

George (@guest_110577)
2 years ago

Do you want China oppression here….because that is how you get China oppression here. (but we may get it anyway due to Xiden)

Vincee (@guest_110571)
2 years ago

There are two ways to buy Chinese. One is a company that is wholely owned by China and controlled by the communist regime, or a U.S. based company the manufactures their products in China to save costs, Hello Apple iPhones!

The problem we all complain about now with the RV industry is the lack of quality control. Perhaps if the industry feels the heat of competition, maybe, just maybe it will improve.

Then you have the political will of our government with an outgoing president that has battled with China for four years and has cost them billions in lost revenue, vs. an incoming president that it has been pretty much proven is in bed with the Chinese government and will fill our shelves with Chinese made products, similar to the invasion of Chinese goods we saw during the Clinton administration.

I think China is the biggest threat to this country and the entire world yet our government will not view it that way, so, why should I?

Tim (@guest_110569)
2 years ago

Of course not. Politics aside, china couldn’t do it!

BUT I said yes because US makers need to pull their heads out!

Bill N Stacey (@guest_110556)
2 years ago


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