Did you experience physical discomfort the day after your second COVID shot?


Many of us have now had our two COVID shots, maybe even most of us. And many of us have worried before getting our second one how badly we would fare afterwards. Would we get sick as a dog, or have no after-effects at all? Some people report only a mild headache. Others say they got hit hard, and spent the day in bed, miserable.

The next day we wake up and feel fine. At least that’s the way it goes for many of us. What about you? How did you fare?

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9 days ago

I had the Moderna vaccine and I have been sick for 5 days! Four of those were with 104.7 fever! Then add a migraine headache, nausea, diarrhea, severe joint pain, and severe fatigue! The doctor finally had to put me on prednisone to counteract all the symptoms! She said that although it’s not very common, some people are having severe symptoms. She said my body was on immune system overload! I’m on Day 6 after second vaccine and finally beginning the healing process!

10 days ago

Wife and I had the Maderna vaccine.
My wife had no reaction while I slept most of the next day. Nothing more

Bill N Stacey
10 days ago

AmericasFrontlineDoctors Dot Com

10 days ago
Reply to  Bill N Stacey

Yes! And Covid Revealed.

11 days ago

Both Hubby and I had a slight fever, headache, chills and body aches after both injections of the Pfizer shots. All better after 24 hours but it was a rough 24 hours both times.

Paul Sternett
12 days ago

I experienced Nominal pain at the injection site of my second Moderna COVID vaccination. Travelling that day, I seemed unnaturally tired and somewhat achy, but not enough to keep me from my journey. Upon arrival at my Mother-in-Love’s home, it quickly became apparent that her Septic System was backed up. Seeking, but not finding, a lean-out plug, I hurried to the DIY store for the required parts. After installing a clean out plug, I was able to ease the back up problem somewhat (a professional later determined major root infestation in the pipes). By the time I was able to sit and relax, I noticed that I had a low grade fever. A couple of acetaminophen tablets washed down with some iced tea, a good night’s sleep, and I all but forgot about any discomfort from the injection.

Jerry S Glazman
12 days ago

I experienced mild tenderness at the site of the injection but less than what I had from the first shot.

12 days ago

I opted for the J&J shot unfortunately my wife second shot on 4/22 the day before our first camping trip of the season. She experienced low fever and painful headache. Fortunately our trip was only 2 hours from the house. In all after 24hours rest she was fine. Yours in camping/rving, Ray and Joy from the Badger state.

Patty B
12 days ago

I ran a little fever and very tired. Left work, took a nap and was fine the next day! First shot nothing.

12 days ago

Yes…following both first and last Moderna…I had fever, severe aches and pains and chills, which began almost exactly 12 hours after the injection and lasted for about 12 hours also. Sore arm first time, not the second. Hubby only reacted to second shot with same symptoms and duration.

Kenneth Dye
12 days ago

My wife and I had no reaction whatsoever with the first and second dose.

Gordy B
12 days ago
Reply to  Kenneth Dye

Same here, now they are talking boosters. At the moment boosters are out of the question unless they have good solid reasoning.

12 days ago

I started aching in the morning and felt progressively more tired an worse during the day, like I had the flu. I went.to bed with a fever of 100.4 after taking some Ibuprofen and woke up at 3 AM sweating profusely when the fever broke. I’ve been fine ever since. Not bad for being immune from COVID-19!

T Edwards
12 days ago

Week and half after our second shots we are still feeling the effects. Mostly mild flu like symptoms. Still, I’d rather that then the possible alternatives.

Gordy B
12 days ago
Reply to  T Edwards

I feel for you, our neighbor had all she could do to function for three weeks after each shot.

12 days ago

The entire family (wife, daughter, son-in-law, granddaughter, mother-in-law, and myself) received the Pfizer vaccine (both) without any reactions.

Roger Christianson
12 days ago

Pfizer vaccine, sore arm after first for 3-4 days; 21 hours after second had headache, shoulders and neck stiffness, took a “nap” for a couple hours and by dinner was feeling back to normal. Did not have a sore arm for as long with the second. Wife had sore arm from first poke and nothing from the second.

Dave J
13 days ago

Both of us felt quite tired all day. And as far as headaches they only lasted for a few hours (2-3) after waking up. By the following day (3) we were fully back to normal.

Jeff Craig
13 days ago

I’ve only had my first Moderna shot, and after three weeks my arm is still, occasionally sore, though the first three days it felt like I got punched a dozen times. My wife had flu-like symptoms, fever, chills, upset stomach, but was okay after two days. We go back next week for the second shots – we’ll see how that one goes.

BILLY Bob Thronton
12 days ago
Reply to  Jeff Craig

She might have been exposed previously. I’m hearing can’t say how, some who have contracted the Wuhan prior to getting the vax, are showing flu like symptoms. Some have reported that if you know you have had the Wuhan, one shot is the prescribed dosage. There is a study currently being circulated by the medical genius. But, what do I know, I only drive an RV.

Pam and George Coley
13 days ago

We both received the J & J vaccine on April 4th. We had a sore arm in the injection site only, diarrhea for a few days, we still tire very easily and I’ve had a headache since the day of the injection.

13 days ago

Just very tired for a couple of days.

13 days ago

Sore arm for just under 24 hours from Pfizer second shot.

Gloria Sluder
11 days ago
Reply to  JFKMLK

We both just had a sore arm at injection site.

Grant Graves
13 days ago

Pfizer second shot. Slightly sore arm but serious chills for a couple of hours in the early morning. Then I was fine and back to normal