Friday, January 28, 2022


Campground neighbors too close? Create privacy with a DIY screen

This week I came across an RV decked out with a portable DIY privacy screen, lights, and a decorated patio. It goes way beyond a mat and a lawn chair at your average campsite!

The owner had just sold her house, bought a trailer, went full-time and brought her plants with her. She has created a private spot that not just offers privacy but makes the site her very own. The screen is laced with artificial vines (find these here) and folds flat for easy storage in a bay. The other plants are all real and ride safely in the trailer during transport. Neighbor’s sewer hose too close? Decorate your site with a DIY privacy screen, add lights, plants and a patio mat to create your own unique space.

Photo Credit: Nanci Dixon

Another RV neighbor recently sold his house and brought colored lights to create his very own light garden. He wanted to decorate with something of home that was bright and cheery. And, even better, he did know campground etiquette. He set up the lights away from other campers and turned them off early in the evening. It made everyone passing by smile.


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Angie and Mark
4 months ago

folds flat – is this a child/dog expandable gate?? can you link where to buy this particular one??

Charlie Sullivan
4 months ago
Reply to  Angie and Mark

Use the link noted in the article…(find these here).

Bob p
4 months ago

The campground we just got reservations to in Milton Fl doesn’t even allow pet pen, we have a pet pen for our 6 lb Maltese that is 42”X42” just enough for him to potty, sorry!

Donald N Wright
4 months ago

A portable privacy screen sounds like a good idea in crowded campgrounds or where a trail / sidewalk is too close. Are there any products that can keep curious dogs away without harming them?