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5 unique uses for elastic hair ties in an RV

Here are the top five uses for elastic hair ties in an RV. I struggled with clipping cords together with rubber bands, clothespins, and twist ties until I discovered a new use for the elastic hair ties littering our bathroom drawer.

1. Tame cords and charging cables

Use hair ties just like a rubber band! They secure all sorts of cords for storage. They stretch like a bungee cord, don’t mark the surface, are quick to apply and are more durable than rubber bands. The smaller hair ties work great for taming all those charging cables too.

2. Use elastic hair ties as drink markers

The grandkids were going through our limited cups: “Grandma, I’m thirsty.” I marked their cups with hair ties! I let them pick the color so they’d remember which one is theirs. This makes it so I am not washing out cups constantly.

3. Keep cabinets and doors closed during travel

Cabinet doors out of control and opening unexpectedly over rough-and-tumble roads? Hook them together with an elastic hair tie!

4. Save resources, limit those pumps!

I noticed that soaps, lotions and hand sanitizers were pumping out way too much product. I have a suspicion it is intentional – pump more, sell more! Just wrap a hair tie around the stem to reduce the amount that comes out.

5. Arrange flowers

This one I love because I just love when my husband buys me flowers. I don’t haul around a pretty vase for them so they are usually propped up in a too-large coffee pot or pitcher. Using an elastic hair tie to hold them together makes the flowers look like a better-arranged bouquet.

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Leslie P
1 year ago

Great ideas! I was already doing the cord controls but I never thought of using them to “label” cups! Love it!

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