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Quick RV Tech Tip: When winterizing RV, should I put in tank treatment?


Dear Dave,
When winterizing an RV, should you use RV antifreeze in the black waste tank, waste tank deodorizer/waste digester (we use Walex Porta-pak), both together or neither? Thanks for your help. —Mike, 2016 Heartland Big Country

Dear Mike,
When I winterize a unit, I clean the black water tank out with Thetford Tank Blaster first and then run about 2-3 full tanks of water through it to thoroughly clean it out. Then I dump a bottle of valve lubrication into it and nothing else until the next spring.

I am not familiar with Walex. I use either Dometic or Thetford enzyme-based products when not winterized. It contains the “good bugs” that will break down the sewage the proper way and not get the rotten egg smell. —Dave

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Kaeleen Buckingham
1 month ago

I get a little frustrated when reading things like this that they run “2-3 full tanks” of water through the system. People need to realize the west is in a SEVERE drought. That is a lot of wasted water that we can use!

Dana D.
1 month ago

The Clark County Commission, who approves massive building expansion including new casinos in Las Vegas, is responsible for massive water usage. I’ll use a few gallons to keep my tanks clean, just like when I flush my house toilet.

Michael Thomas Lloyd
1 month ago

What product are you referring to with dumping “a bottle of valve lubrication” into the tank after cleansing it?

Dave Solberg
1 month ago

Thetford makes a great valve lubrication product that we have featured in several articles. Here is a link to the Thetford page and you can find it at most retailers that sell the dump tank products.

Bob p
1 month ago

If the tank is empty there will be nothing to freeze.

Dana D.
1 month ago
Reply to  Bob p

If the tank is empty the valve seals will dry out, crack, and leak.

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