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Great RV Accessories Newsletter – Issue 3

rv travel logoAre you reading this in your home or are you on the road? And, if you’re on the road, are you boondocking? This issue of the Great RV Accessories Newsletter focuses on some nifty stuff for making the most of boondocking. 

On the subject of boondocking, if you happen to be one of the many, many people attending the Quartzsite Sports, Vacation & RV Show in Quartzsite, know that we are at the show! Your RV reviewer (me) and a few others will be at the RVTravel.com media center during most of the whole show. I hope you stop by and tell me about your favorite RV gadget.

EDITED BY Tony Barthel

A photo from our Quartzsite booth two years ago with (L-R) Tony Barthel, Peggy Barthel, Chuck Woodbury and Gail Meyring. Chuck and Gail won’t be there this year, but Tony and Peggy will – stop by and let’s talk RVs and gadgets!

Boondocking Gadgets

One of the issues with boondocking is water. While we have done a great job of overcoming energy challenges, we haven’t quite completely overcome water usage. However, these nifty wipes can take the place of showers, definitely saving some water.

While not necessarily a gadget, Nanci Dixon has some great tips about finding and holding on to a great boondocking site.

Mike Sokol has some great information about a big and powerful source of power below, but here’s a nifty gadget that can provide power when you’re way off the grid depending on whose power tools mow your yard.


Charged up over gadgets

I use my Go Power! DuraPack solar gadget charger quite a bit. Here’s a review of that device. What do you think?

Boondocking gadgets you’ll want for yourself

Dave Helgeson has nine boondocking goodies you might want to gift someone, or just buy for yourself.

A nifty boondocking toilet

No matter where you go, you know you gotta go. There are lots of options for portable toilets and one of those is the Laveo™ toilet by Dry Flush that I recently reviewed. This certainly is an interesting idea. What do you think?

Saving more water

Speaking of saving water, one of my favorite ways of doing so, at least when it comes time to do the dishes, is this Dawn Powerwash that Gail Marsh wrote about.

Your laundry storage

Russ and Tiña De Maris have some terrific and popular tips on where to store the dirty laundry in your RV. Our helpful RVtravel.com readers have added several great tips in the Comments, as well.

Potheads unite

The handles on the pots remove at the push of a button and are usable on all the pots.

All RVs share one thing—they’re space constrained. So if you can find something that helps maximize space and works well, it’s quite the smile-maker. These Magma nesting pots are just that. I love the quality of them and they save space in the RV.

Power to the gadgets

If you have noisy little gadgets or even fancy cooking gadgets they almost all have one thing in common—they need power. Some newer RVs have inverters or other ways to provide power to the plugs, but what if yours doesn’t?

One of the ways I power my own vintage trailer and have also given juice to my eBike and even my modern trailer is with the Jackery 1500. With four solar panels it has been a great solution for me for off-grid camping.

Our own RV electricity guru, Mike Sokol, has one as well. He’s been having some fun testing RV appliances to see just how long he can keep them running. His article is in two parts:

  • How much energy do you need to power RV appliances? Part 1
  • How much energy do you need to power RV appliances? Part 2

RV show season is here!

With RV shows all over the place, here are some tips for RV show attendees. Of course, we have an incredibly detailed list of RV shows all over the country. You can find it here.

The Book Nook

Last time we got together I mentioned two of my favorite authors who are also RVers and, by coincidence, they both came out with new books last week:

Other gadget ideas

  • When you’re boondocking don’t give up on the coffee, but don’t worry about electricity either. This coffee maker can solve your java-loving needs.
  • We all have a ton of little annoy-o-matics that we bring with us, but those devices also want to be recharged. So, we reviewed this gadget for doing so through the power of the sun.

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1 year ago

I love the Book Nook. I am always looking for good books to read and picked out 5 from the two groups you included. I used to read all the time, but haven’t so much the past few years. I have really enjoyed returning to this favorite past time.

1 year ago
Reply to  Cheri

Try the Little Free Library to swap out your books. It is hit or miss. There is a map on their website for locations.

Last edited 1 year ago by Linda

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