Thursday, December 8, 2022


What advice do you have for new RVers?

(0) readers have a lot of collective wisdom among them. Far more, in fact, than the glut of new RV sites popping up these days run by people who have barely ever RV’d before. So, this week we’re asking: What RV advice would you have for people who are either new to RVing or who are considering getting into the RV lifestyle? In other words, what do you wish you had known about RVing but nobody ever told you?

Please share by filling out the form below. (Please DO NOT answer in the comments on this page.)

Please try to keep answers as short as possible (under 100 words is ideal). We’ll compile the most compelling answers and comments into a follow-up article.

(Answers may be edited for grammar and brevity.)


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18 days ago

I was lucky, when my wife and I started camping over 30 years ago, her parents were already long-time campers. So we always went camping with them, they in their camper and us in our first camper, a pop up. Learned a lot from them, and still learning today with our 2022 camper we bought this fall. As a result, being taught the right way I will help new campers when I see them at the campgrounds, and even give them equipment they might be missing to use during their stay. I have let them borrow everything from water hoses, extension cords, tools, or anything else they need. Even helped them back into their site after chuckling at first. We have all been there.

Pat Brown
19 days ago

Attend a Rally such as the Family Motor Coach Association, Perry GA March 18-21, 2023. Not limited to Class A Motor Coaches anymore–towables and 5th wheels can join. Hubby and I did this immediately after purchasing our rig in early 2016. Learned so much at this rally we kept coming back whenever possible. I also attended Driver School so I could drive our Class A Motor Coach. Clubs such as Escapees hold rallies/seminars where you will “learn the ropes”. Perhaps join a Chapter of the make of your rig, such as Grand Design. We joined a Tiffin Chapter that holds rallies at least 6 times per year where the info from fellow Tiffin owners has been invaluable.

Joseph Phebus
19 days ago

Ask for help. The collective wisdom of those with your RV brand or some other will get you through any bind and you’ll have the side benefit of new friends and compatriots.

Then…pay it forward.

Rock & Tina
19 days ago

Read all your manuals and then go find all your equipment and fuses and breakers and valves and then re-read all your manuals. That way you’ll have a clue when, and not if, things go awry.