Thursday, December 8, 2022


RV Mods: Turn your tow dolly into a utility trailer


By Russ and Tiña De Maris

Leave it to an innovative RVer to come up with the answer to what could be a thorny issue. If you have a motorhome and tow your rig with a tow dolly, what do you do with the dolly when you’re at home and not towing? Probably shuffle the thing off to the corner of the yard and leave it in “stasis” until it’s time for your next RV trip. Why not make that dolly do more?

The same thought struck Joe Grape. Joe was a motorhome owner with a tow dolly. After buying a new riding lawn more, Joe had to borrow a utility trailer to get the mower home. Then his eyes lit on his “unused” tow dolly. Wasn’t there some way he could convert that tow dolly into a utility trailer? And go one better – figure out a way so that the same system could be used by any tow dolly owner, regardless of the make or age of the dolly?

The Edgar, Wisc., man got cracking and sure enough, Joe’s “Tow Mate” is now a patented “universal flatbed attachment.” The flatbed, which weighs in at slightly more than 100 pounds, can be laid down on your tow dolly, attached, and be ready to haul in minutes. With a payload capacity of 1,595 pounds, you can haul a lot of lawn mower, lumber, or what-have-you, keeping your tow dolly busy year-round.

The system doesn’t require you to drill holes or make modifications to your dolly, and with a bed that’s six by eight, there’s plenty of room for hauling stuff. If your “stuff” includes, say, a motorcycle, Joe can provide you with an optional motorcycle rail system that keeps your bike stable as you tow it down the road.

While Joe’s website doesn’t list a retail price, a little quick math shows it’ll set you back less than $1,000, as Tow Mate will finance your new dolly bed for $70 a month for 12 months. The new company is looking for dealers, too. Learn more at, or ring them at 715-370-3342.



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5 years ago

Since its weight is really too much for one person to handle or one person and a spouse, I can’t see where it’s practical. Besides as it has no suspension and is certainly not what I’d consider to be a cheap adaptation, you’d be better off purchasing a utility for the same or less money.

Lance Craig
5 years ago

A small utility trailer costs less, has a suspension, and requires a license in most states. Tow dollies rely on the towed car’s suspension to control bounce. This is NOT a good idea.

5 years ago

Uh oh! Great idea, however comma the DMV will likely require you to register it as a trailer and and buy annual renewals. A tow dolly is exempt as most dealers will tell you. Nevertheless, still a great idea!