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RV Review: Keystone Bullet 287QBSWE travel trailer – Family Truckster

Today we have the Keystone Bullet 287QBSWE travel trailer review for you. Bullet is Keystone’s more affordable line of lightweight travel trailers. The brand certainly has a prolific number of floor plans—from very small models to some rather large family and couples’ campers. This happens to be a bunk model with a separate bedroom that will serve some families well. It may also be good for those who just want more space.

I am always pleased to see RV companies continue to innovate even when I know that they can sell anything they can roll down a production line. There are a number of things that have been incorporated into this floor plan since I was selling them just a few years ago. Those include a number of features that will really make a difference in long-term use. 

New and improved 

Bullet was one of those brands we sold quite a few of for the simple reason that you got a lot for your money. The brand specialized in relatively lightweight trailers for a given size. But a lot has been added to the equation. 

For example, Keystone in general now has their Blade™ air conditioning ducting. The company claims it delivers an additional 20% of cold air. There’s also the HyperDeck™ flooring, which is a man-made laminate that is not susceptible to water damage. Plus. 

Keystone also wires all their trailers alike so a red wire on this trailer performs the same function as a red wire on the next. We didn’t really have wiring issues with Keystone products. Perhaps because they were intentional about this, it resulted in fewer issues. 

Keystone trailers have the SolarFlex™ package

Now all Keystone trailers feature a version of the company’s SolarFlex™ package. That means a minimum of 200 watts of rigid solar panels installed as standard. Some are able to go up to 600 watts and above. And there are optional features such as inverters and batteries installed right from the factory. Another bonus to this system is that dealers can also add additional solar and features, and these upgrades are covered under the manufacturer warranty. 

Another thing I noticed in this 2022 Keystone Bullet 287QBSWE was that the bedroom now has storage cubbies behind the closets on either side of the true queen-sized bed. So your noisy toys or CPAP machines can reside in a space that doesn’t take away from space you might use otherwise. I like this arrangement. 

Oh, and you can get an inverter and batteries to run that CPAP overnight while boondocking, if that’s what you’d like to do. 

In the pass-through storage up front, which is pretty big, you’ll now find that Keystone has placed the connections to the outside world much as is seen in fifth wheels over the years. This keeps these connections cleaner. I’ve heard from a number of you that you really like them in here. Though, to be fair, I’ve also heard from some of you that question the connections being in here. 

Also in that big pass-through storage is another something new, and that’s a peg board back wall. This is really a good idea as you can hang things that would slot into a peg board such as hooks or fasteners so that fishing poles, tools, wires or other things can have their place up off the floor. 

Still the same

Something that hasn’t changed since last I laid hands on one of these is the fact that the wood cabinetry is pocket screwed. But the finish on the cabinets is a gray paint and I always thought it was easier to spot the staples and other components of the build. I wasn’t much of a fan of this style, but we sold a ton of them, and there were plenty of people who really liked this light-colored interior. 

What has changed about the appearance is that now there’s a light wood-colored table top. I think it adds warmth to the otherwise somewhat stark (to me) interior color. Of course, there’s also new gold-colored handles on the drawers and cabinets. But the faucets are still silver and the door handles are a dark color. 

Keystone Bullet 287QBSWE’s back room

Appearance aside, this floor plan features a whole back room that sports a dinette that converts into a bed. In addition, there are three bunks that are permanent that are rated to hold some 300 pounds each. The bunk above the dinette is hinged at the back so it can flip up, and there are catches to hold it in place. 

This makes a great place for youngsters to get their homework done or truly have their own space in the trailer. This feature makes this a bunk model that might be well-suited to those who have teenagers or pre-teens. 

As those youngsters grow, they’ll likely appreciate that the ceiling height at the sidewalls is 6½ feet and it is almost 7 feet at the center of the arched ceiling. There’s also a pantry in the main space. But the second bedroom also sports a closet. There’s a decent amount of space back there as well as in the pantry. Also, the pantry features adjustable shelves. 

Keystone features

I remember when Keystone announced their three-year structural warranty on these trailers and how big a deal that was then. I still think it’s a feather in the company’s cap, frankly. 

One of the things people would comment on is that the rear walls of Bullets didn’t look “attached” and, in some ways, they aren’t. These rear-most walls are a “hung” wall where they’re affixed on the edges but almost free-floating in the middle. This might make a difference to some buyers, but didn’t ever seem to be an issue long-term, from what I could see. 

Things I didn’t like about these, and still don’t to this day, are the usual small oven and low-performance fans in the bathroom. But you’ve seen me go on about this all in the past on so many RVs. 

Wild, Wild Western Edition

Now, you might also find a Keystone Bullet 287QBS without the “WE” designation. These are the ones built in Indiana. The “WE” designation is “Western Edition” and those trailers are built in Pendleton, Oregon.

Interestingly, there are minor differences in size, weight, capacities and a few other things. But there’s a significant difference in price. Keystone, like many RV companies, has plants in the Pacific Northwest because shipping an RV from Indiana to the huge West Coast market is expensive. So, if you’re in the states that get product from the West Coast plant, arguably some of the shipping costs are minimized.

However, it still costs money to ship a lot of the components needed to build these to the West Coast, so they’re priced higher for that reason at least. But, in some Keystone models, you’ll find the Western Edition has larger holding tanks. That’s absolutely true here, where the Western Edition has 60 gallons of fresh water capacity compared to the 43 in the models built in Indiana. We Wild Wild Westerners love our boondocking, and Keystone acknowledges that.

Take that, you silly seasonal sites! We’re camping off the grid!

In summary

Overall these are a good combination of features, price and structure such that I can see why we sold so many of these Bullet 287QBSWE. What would you use the back bedroom for? Does a bunk model appeal to you since you have youngsters? Or might it be a great second space for just a couple? 

[BTW – For those who are unfamiliar with the Family Truckster, it’s a reference to Clark Griswold’s automobile of choice in the movie “National Lampoon’s Vacation,” from 1983.]

I would love to read your comments and suggestions over on our new forums, where you can weigh in and start or join a discussion about all things RV. Here’s a link to my RV Reviews Forum.

Tony comes to having worked at an RV dealership and been a lifelong RV enthusiast. He also has written the syndicated Curbside column about cars. You can find his writing here and at StressLessCamping where he also has a podcast about the RV life with his wife. 

These RV reviews are written based on information provided by the manufacturers along with our writer’s own research. We receive no money or other financial benefits from these reviews. They are intended only as a brief overview of the vehicle, not a comprehensive critique, which would require a thorough inspection and/or test drive.

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Keystone features
Cubbies behind bedside closets
Peg board in front storage
Small oven
Small vent fan


The Keystone Bullet 287QBSWE offers a lot of value in a relatively light travel trailer that features sleeping for up to 8 individuals.
Tony Barthel has been a life-long RV enthusiast and travels part-time with his wife where they also produce a podcast, write about RVs and love the RV lifestyle.


  1. I saw vents on the floor YUCK! Having lived in a manufactured house for 10+ years where every time the A/C or heater kicked on you could (if in the wrong place) get a face full of whatever had been in the house. Having had four cats (they SHED) and, at one point, two dogs – well, I’ll leave it to everyone’s imagination! (You could literally see the fur fly LOL!)


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The Keystone Bullet 287QBSWE offers a lot of value in a relatively light travel trailer that features sleeping for up to 8 individuals. RV Review: Keystone Bullet 287QBSWE travel trailer – Family Truckster

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