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RV Stocking Stuffers: Reader suggested gifts for 2022

Last week we asked you:

What small and/or low-cost RV gadgets, gizmos or accessories do you want in your holiday stocking or would you add to a fellow RVer’s holiday stocking?

A lot of our readers thought BIG with their answers. Unfortunately, those answers belonged with the previous week’s query.

However, some of you did come up with some awesome suggestions for smaller or lower-cost items that RVers can use. So, if you need to fill the stocking of a fellow RVer, you are likely to find some good suggestions from our readers below.

There was David C., who had a terrific suggestion, but I am just not sure Santa could really deliver it… David writes:

“If I could get something in my stocking it would be a magic card that would get me into the repair shop at the front of the line as soon as I get there, and out the same day. I’ll pay for the work. I just think it would be a good thing to have. Thanks, Santa!”

Practical RV stocking stuffers

We did not get as many responses as usual to this question, so big thanks to Ron H. who came through with an entire stocking full (or two) of practical small RV gifts all on his own. Ron suggests these items:

  • Water hose quick connect
  • Battery-operated refrigerator fan
  • Kneeling pad for your knees
  • Milk crates—for carrying stuff from house to RV
  • Digital tire pressure gauge
  • Tub O’ Towels brand wipes—cleans greasy hands and stuff
  • Command hooks”

Selene M also provided us with a terrific list of RV stocking stuffers. Selene suggests:

Continuing on the practical theme, Jerry S. offered this idea:

“A roll of blue shop paper towels and a microfiber cleaning cloth”

David B. recommended Gorilla Tape, which, in my opinion, is definitely something every RVer should carry.

Andrea S. adds:

“A high-quality (brass) water pressure regulator is not sexy, but is so important. And it will fit in a stocking!”

Continuing in the water theme, Bill B. hopes Santa will fill his stocking with:

“A fresh water fill meter/gauge that attaches to a hose to accurately measure how much water is going into the tank. This is especially useful when I want to only partially fill for traveling.” (We wrote an article about one of these. Read it here.)

LaDonna S. writes:

“I want a reliable outdoor thermometer that is readable from the cab of our Class C and also a water hose adapter that stays screwed into the side of our motorhome.”

Judy Z. says:

“I love having magnetic straps to hold my stuff. So more magnetic wall thingies, please!”

RV-enhancing stocking stuffers

Many of you had suggestions that increased your RVs comfort and functionality. For instance, Rick O. had a great recommendation:

“I got my wife big plastic clips that curl around the back of her camping lounger to retain a small pillow at the right height to support her neck and head when reading in a reclined position. They are great for that and lots of other things.”

 Steve R. is hoping to get an electronic, wireless exterior door lock.

Vanessa S. wants a useful upgrade. She writes:

“I would like a set of remote temperature transmitters with a central receiver. One in the fridge, one in the freezer and one I can put outside or in the tow vehicle. The receiver shows the temperature in my living area. One glance as I pass and I know if there is a problem with the fridge or freezer.”

Donna Z. wants to bling out the RV:

“I would like a full set of Boogie Lights for our rig! Under the awning and under the frame!”

I hope Santa brings you what you want Donna, but I, for one, have to say I would not want to park next to your RV. Personally, those brightly colored LED lights blazing all night in the campground are one of my pet peeves. (And 64 percent of readers agree!)

Trip-enhancing RV stocking stuffers

Some folks suggested things that would enhance the overall RV travel experience. For instance, Drew M. wants Santa to bring him a high-quality pair of binoculars.

Joe E. writes:

“I would like to see a GoPro camera in my stocking. I like bike riding and hiking and it would be a great thing to have to record my travels.”

Carol R. said she would like little sacks of treats (nuts, candies, etc.) in her stocking. Not a bad suggestion as you can never have too many snacks when camping.

Lastly, Michael B. expressed a wish for something that I know EACH AND EVERY RVer needs and wants. Michael says:

“What I would like most are gift cards for major oil companies to use every time I need to fill up my gas tank.”

And with that, we’ll close out the 2022 edition of RV stocking stuffers. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!




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1 month ago

Really good ones in there. Maybe some day I’ll find those binoculars….maybe at a thrift store or something.

Neal Davis
1 month ago

Great ideas! Thank you!

1 month ago

At Dollar Tree, there is a great little assortment of very small tools, screw driver bits, torx bits, etc in a nice little bright yellow box that is small enough to hang as a tree ornament. Great for small electronics. Cannot be beat for $1.25.

1 month ago

I keep going back to the same seller on Amazon who has the biggest selection of handmade RV accessories I have ever seen. Her store is called Green Acorn Kitchen but it’s way more than kitchen towels, there’s a bunch of keychains and dog stuff too.

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