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After a couple years of not being on the road I finally took my 35′ Fleetwood Bounder from Denver to Indianapolis and to Michigan. I sure miss the RV lifestyle and am reading your newsletter again to get some ideas on my next trip and repairs/maintenance. Thanks for continuing this great newsletter (I promise to read it every week now that I’m back to RVing).

Joyce M Johnson

Love reading your stories, I am a single woman who enjoys the outdoors and hope will be RVing soon.

Ray Mayfueld

Several weeks ago I won a Shell gas card in the Spin & Win contest. I have never received that prize.
Ray Mayfield


When is Chuck going to show us his new rv inside & out?

Chuck Woodbury

Jim, I’ll have some pics once we get it set up a little better. Been busy the last couple of weeks getting my condo ready to put on the market and the new RV has pretty much been sitting. Next up, sell my 24-foot View. Then we’ll get the new motorhome ready to go. I’m sure I’ll show it off then. Thanks for asking. — Chuck

Steven Jenkins

Russ & Tina: I had been wondering whether Good Sam’s was still a good place to do business. I was shopping for road-side assistance coverage and saw some RVers recommending Good Sam. If they are not your recommendation, who would be? Thank you very much.


we are very pleased with GS roadservice. Have had it 5 years now, and used 4 times without any regrets.


Welcome to the full time life! We have been doing it for 25 years now and have loved every day of it. Such a freedom that a lot of people don’t understand.

Leonard Szymkowiak

Whatever happened to spin and win?

Chuck Woodbury

Leonard, few people were participating. We haven’t dropped it entirely, will just do it off and on. It was a whole lot of fun doing it, so can’t let that fun go entirely. Thanks for asking.


I look forward to this letter every week, I know of no where you can find so much enjoyable and essential information in one place.

I have been RV’d for 40+ years now and still learn a new trick every time I read this letter. Congratulations. ~~Homer


We read and agree with the DeMaris’ assessment of the Good Sam Club. How about their Roadside and Travel Assist programs. Has anyone ever evaluated whether or not they provide the advertised coverage or not?? Your input on these options would be appreciated.

David Henninger

I have used the Roadside service twice in the last three years. The service was used for the tow car not the coach. The response was great and calls were returned in a very reasonable time. All service operators that were sent to assist us were very helpful and we had great results. We have, but have not need the Travel Assist as of now.

Denise joyner

My step daughter had her ERS plan cancelled for to many service calls,she is back with AAA

Tom Boyte

I had a friend who got his ERS plan cancelled by AAA. They sent him a letter saying that “Our ERS service is not meant to be a replacement for regular vehicle maintenance”.

Robert & Donna Tarsi

We recently were forced to use our Good Sam Road Service. Coming back from a trip from NJ to MI, just after crossing the border from OH into MI we encountered a flat in our Class A Motorhome.. Called Good Sam, they were very efficient in contacting an outfit in OH. They brought a new tire out changed and mounted the tire. We were on our way again within 2-1/2 hrs. The lady at Good Sam contacted us with info on service provider, called again to assure service had been handled etc. She also communicated via email. Was very happy… Read more »

Tom Boyte

Prior to permanently “dry docking” our 2007 Keystone 5th wheel in a steel building in Door County,Wisconsin we had the occasion to use Good Sam twice. Once for a blow out on our tow vehicle and the other when my wife inadvertently put gas in our diesel truck. Each time they were “Johnny on the spot” and took care of the problems in a professional, courteous manner.

Pete Karczmarczyk

I really enjoy reading your posts each week. I’ve been saving them for several years now so I can go back re read the different sections. Thanks very much for having it online.

Connie Wood

Look forward to RV Travel each Saturday. That and a fresh cup of coffee starts my day. Keep up the good work!!


RV roof does not have an outlet in Michigan, you need to change abbreviation from MI to MS Mississippi.