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Dave Dark

I think you have hit the nail on the head with your editorial this week. It does not require any courage to insult and disparage someone behind the shield of the computer. To say the same things to their face is quite another matter. Long time reader,


Tom Toomey

Just read a review on a book about older Americans seeking seasonal work on the road, called Nomadland by Jessica Bruder. Many traveling place to place in RV,s. Going to pop into the local Library and check it out.

Gregory Mercado

Chuck and Staff,
Thanks for the information you provide us. I look forward to reading the newsletter and learn from each. I wholeheartedly agree with your comments concerning political opinions.

Ron Schulz

The ad in the newsletter “Test the RV park water before you drink it!” is seriously misleading. This so called purity meter measures only Total Dissolved Solids in the water, NOT impurities. Someone depending on this device to prove if their water is pure may become very ill. This ad should be removed or reworded to describe what it really does. Measures electrical conductivity, not bacteria…

Mel Goddard

Re: your rant about “unkind cyber bullies”.
You Americans once had a saying of wisdom: “There are two things about a man that’s nobody else’s business; his Religion and his Politics”!
Whatever happened to THAT?

Sherry Dawson

I’ve only been reading a few minutes and have come across the third article which refers to a link that is non-existent. What gives this week? I’d like to read everything, so can you get someone to add the proper links to these stories?

Steve Barnes

Response to Editor’s Corner of Sept. 30, 2017
Chuck, I agree, no politics in parks, especially as Canadians. We have great relationships with most all RVers. Why spoil a good thing. The Americans never engage us in politics and we should not engage them as it is not our Country so not our business, or is it?
After 10 years as a Snowbird spending 5 months a year in the US I feel some Americanism, some loyalty to the U.S. As the World leader everything the U.S. does affects us all. So in that limited sense it is our business but not in RV parks.
President Trump has me engaged but this engagement is restricted to a newsletter to about 10 Americans and 30 Canadians. At the end of each Snowbird season they are asked to re-enroll or decline the publication. Political discussion is healthy but only in it’s place.
Steve Barnes
Kamloops, BC

John Hiler

You do know though that you are exactly right on your discussion of Rv Spaces in the US. We have to continue to protect our Special Places in this country. You should do more articles on the National Park Service, the Forest Service, the BLM – how much they do to make our lives more liveable. What happens when the population doubles in the next 50 years. Let’s talk about protecting what we have and are leaving to other generations. In our Republic we do have that responsibility…

Greg Illes

Being kind — One of the finest pieces you’ve ever written, Chuck. Kudos.


The passenger in that accident you mentioned in Parker County, TX has died.


I absorb each issue of this newsletter, enjoy the articles, have filled in some gaps in knowledge about RV living, and eagerly await each new weekly issue of this newsletter. Chuck, you and your staff are doing an AWESOME job, and I want to say Thank You!
My wife and I are not full timers yet but we will be taking the final step of selling our home and upgrading our motorhome when we return to the cold climates again next spring. I am sure we are not alone in our method of travel but am surprised that I never hear comments regarding people with retirement goals similar to ours. My wife is partially disabled and we will never be able to travel to simply see sights we only read or hear about, but our chosen lifestyle is one we thoroughly enjoy. Our destinations are to simply be closer to friends, family, grown children, and grandchildren. Parking our motorhome on properties owned by our children or friends allows us the comfort of our own “home”, while also adjacent to their homes. When she doesn’t feel well enough to go outside, our door is always open to welcome the happiness that enters, and when able, to join in the excitement of their homes and activities as well. Sometimes, there is more joy and fulfillment in parking, than in traveling to see new and unexplored places. With God’s blessings, our hearts are full and we get great enjoyment with an RV living experience tailor-made for our needs…as long as I am able to continue to “drive my own Miss Daisy”.


Whenever tempted to engage “a clear idiot,” examine whether your intent is to sort out who’s right or wrong, or to educate yourself. Most fools are content in their ignorance and won’t be moved, but a LOT can be learned from understanding why they are so mistaken… Lies have a sliver of truth, and bad ideas often stem from good intentions. If you’re muttering to yourself “How can anyone actually believe ____?”, then pause and answer that question – either you’ll learn something, or you’ll have a better basis to teach than just throwing tantrums.

Jimmy Holland

Thanks for the op ed reminding all of us on how we should treat others Chuck. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.
Keep up the good work.


Home Base Services

People who use Home Base Services in states like South Dakota need to be aware you might be committing a felony. In a previous life I was a fraud investigator for a mid western state. over the years I investigated several people who registered their RV in states with no sales tax to avoid paying theirs State sales tax. It was very easy to have the DMV computer do a match with driver licenses and registration. States like South Dakota were happy to sell us registration lists. Not rocket science. In state driver license, out of state vehicle registration, you get a knock on the door. Also several states do not allow a mail box as a permanent address to maintain a driver license. Recommend you check with your home state before going down this road.

Doug Rizzo

When I was in the Air Force we had a saying that turned out to be very true. “opinions are like ***holes, everyone has one, and they all stink.” I found this to be an excellent point. Remember this when you are tempted to give your opinion.

Ken Pratt

I could not agree more with your editorial this week. We need to exercise tolerance and show some respect to others whose values may differ from ours. Opening a conversation and listening with understanding instead of launching personal attacks can often lead to a better understanding. It may not change our minds but it sure feels better that bullying people, and you get to meet and understand some really nice people.

John Goodell

I know what you mean about on-line debates that degenerate into insults. Six years ago I was researching diesel trucks and visited some diesel owners sites to get some tips and pointers on Ford vs Ram vs Chevy/GM. Each subject of debate between the truck brands almost always evolves after a few semi-useful comments into the most ridiculous juvenile exchange, such as “That’s because you’re stupid!” followed by “No, you’re stupid!”, then the universal response “No, you’re stupid!”. I didn’t get much useful info from these “debates” except that brand loyalty was very strong!

rodney teuscher

I love your Newsletter. Wish more people would comment on issues that mean something to the RV’er without giving stupid comments that really dont mean a thing to me. Press on, you and your team are doing a great job.

Jim harding

Please send me your daily rv news thank you

Wallace Twigg

Great op ed Chuck