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Susan D
3 years ago

I’ve recently started reading your newsletters and am enjoying them and learning a lot. You stated that you were staying just north of Roanoke, VA, where we currently live and wonder where you stayed. We have stayed at many nice campgrounds north of here, mostly with the RV club we belong to. However, i do notice, more of an emphasis on RVing in the West in most of the newsletters. We do need a good campground close to Roanoke, as it is a very nice city and would offer a lot to RVers.

John K
3 years ago

Just a thought from a retired police officer…while the license plates are amusing it may not be a great idea to post them online. It isn’t difficult to obtain information about the vehicle owner, address, etc. and obviously the owners are away from home a lot. Not that anyone who subscribes would be so heinous but anything, as we learn day after day, that is online is available to just about everyone. Again, just a thought…

3 years ago

With all the discussion of workmanship in RV construction, I thought I would share this interesting video I came across.

Jim K
3 years ago
Reply to  sam

Went to winnebago factory tour, we watched a movie, got on a bus, watched someone sew zippers on cushion covers for about twenty minutes, looked at patterns for cushions for another ten, get back on the bus and watched workers clock out because their workday was over at two P.M., stood on an overhead platform for about twenty minutes looking down at partially completed RVs, and watched one person take a radio out of a box, plugged, in the wire harness, and put it back on the shelf.

Jim Krauciunas
3 years ago

At 64 years old, I hate to be the one that says “I remember when”, but I believe we live in a world that has just become complacency. We now purchase junk, and seem to be ok with it. Seven to ten years on all appliances! I still have a refrigerator from the fifties that still works!
I purchased a new Winnebago in 1984, everything worked, interior held up, not one problem with it. Another new one in 2006, and it was almost as good, the last one in 2015, and I do mean my last Winnebago I will ever buy, I believe is just plain inferior. Customer service is non existent. When I wrote to the better business bureau on items that I purchased as options that no longer work, and they refused to repair, their reply to the complaint was “it may be a slight inconvenience, however it is not considered a safety issue by Winnebago”. Case # 32106204, Disgraceful

John Hiler
3 years ago

Is there any reason that we can’t have public facilities in the USA? Campgrounds on public lands looked after by our great national services? Oh right, I forget, we must use the money to go to foreign lands and wage war to support our arms industry or as some style it, Corporate madness…

Bullshit Politics????
3 years ago
Reply to  John Hiler

“wage war to support our arms industry ”

Save your political bullshit for non RV sites.

John Snell
3 years ago

Although he is correct, I agree with you, this is not the forum.

Margaret Pearman
3 years ago

We are looking at a motor home to become our full time home. It is used. The owners have taken it in to replace the fuel pump and it has been in the repair shop for a week. This leaves a question. Is having your RV in the shop for this long common and do most of you stay in hotels while the repairs are being done?

Richard Davidson
3 years ago

Unfortunately having your motorhome in the shop for this long is becoming more and more common. Doesn’t happen all the time but depending on where your at, yes it can be a problem. We have had to have things fixed numerous times that took more than one or two days and have been fortunate in being able to stay in our rig at night while it was being worked on more often than not. Sometimes they hook us up to electricity, some times not. Our last problem is when we took some back roads and jacked the rig somewhere which caused the driver’s side windshield to “pop” out at the top left corner. The nearest windshield repair shop couldn’t get us in for two weeks. Thank goodness for caulking and gorilla tape! Have an appt. to have it fixed with our trusted repair shop in November. RVing is all about rolling along. Rolling with the punches is part of it too.

3 years ago

Yes they can take days even weeks when waiting on parts. Sometime rv repair has parking with hookups that you can spend the nights in provided your coach can leave the repair Bay in between various repair steps. Even with mobile RV repairmen you could be waiting on parts because the do not know what the may need until they diagnose your problems. This past summer I had two instances of waiting over a week for parts to come in and the mobile repairman to come back and install. During busy times your parts can arrive but en you may have to wait for an appt when the repair facility or person can fit. You into their schedule. Labor costs per hour also vary during the busy and slow periods. You might pay $140 hr labor during busy times and $110 or less during slow times. You need to be prepared for the costs of breaking down while at a rv park you only had a reservation for a few nights and they are so booked they can’t let you stay past your checkout date–in which case you may now have a tow charge.

Lisa Dupree
3 years ago

FYI- Hurricane Harvey made a direct hit on Rockport- Fulton Beach , TX which is over 200 miles south of Houston. There area has a huge RV population, including many snowbirds. The destruction in Houston was caused by the massive amounts of rain from the hurricane. Many areas in the Rockport area were completely flattened by the high winds. This is also true of other little towns in the Texas Coastal Bend area.

3 years ago

The fork in the road is really in the middle of nowhere. Not too far from us. Did you stay in the area? Any campground reports?

3 years ago

Rob, What a curmudgeon! How dare you take a position that affects some many 100s of thousands. You’re one lucky guy to have the one rv that has no problems.

Chuck Woodbury is the guiding light to challenging the industry with it’s poor product quality. If not Chuck then who ?

Chuck keep up the excellent work you do !

Denny Napora
3 years ago

Speaking of headlight protection, a simple thing would be to get some ConTact type , clear plastic & cut to size over the lens….

Mike Masters
3 years ago

Many restaurants fail to offer a sugar free dessert for the person with diabetes or the person that prefers to reduce the amount of sugar in their diet. I would like to suggest The RV Kitchen focus, once a month, on sugar free desserts. Thank you.

LARRY Rettke
3 years ago
Reply to  Mike Masters

Too many foods have so much sugar
I’m for it