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H Goff

Cheap Heat – this add=on puts a electrical element in place of the sacrificial anode on most water heaters. users need to be aware that in those cases, they will have no corrosion protection. might be better to just get a water heater with an electrical option to begin with.


If you all need a lot of space to spread out on there is one state park that is in Colorado. Mesa Verde. I am not sure how long you can stay. But they have 20 full hook up sites and the view is incredible and you are not crammed into an itty bitty space. I have encountered on the rare few times where I was crammed into a small space next to another camper. Otherwise the campsites I have gotten have been huge. I guess it all depends on the person on what their definition of small cramped space is. We go where we like and enjoy ourselves and if it is a cramped space? We move to another spot or move to another park. IMO not yours

Nancy Noll

Hi Chuck! I am so in hopes that you can help me identify the rocking chair in the Dish ad that I have seen in RV magazines and above in your newsletter! I have asked in different forums and most people respond the chairs are from Sam’s…but…I don’t think so! The chairs in the ad have more supports & appear to be a higher quality. https://photos.app.goo.gl/utCSHGPNqu94mUX28


Hi Chuck, was looking forward to reading this week’s article on crowded campgrounds in the off season. We have only had our small Winnebago class A for 2 years now and have had a horrible time finding sites north and south of North Carolina. Everthing is already booked for the Summer here and the Winter or early Spring in FL and TX. I was hoping your article would have tips and recommendations for being able to find spaces. Did I miss something?
Andrew Stoy


Darn it, Chuck!!! Why did you let out our secret? Here on the east coast, it is also necessary to reserve well in advance at most places during the Summer. Then I realized I didn’t like heat anyway and started going north (including Canada) Summers and mainly traveling the US Spring and Fall. Soooooo much nicer! The only problem I have now is that US campgrounds shut down in shoulder seasons just when I want to visit. Sometimes, not always, you can get reservations outside the official season, and i’m still working on improving my boondocking capabilities.


Hi Chuck—as you migrate south on the coast don’t miss the migrating gray whale watching sites along the way. The migration peaks about December 24th. We are Oregon State Park hosts and have worked the Depoe Bay Whale Watching Center many times. We prefer hosting the winter months because as you said, the summers are crazy on the coast.