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Mike Briggs

Every week I receive your email in my inbox. Every week I keep hoping this issue will bring a positive tone. The columns won’t be a negative rant, a depressing commentary about the demise of the rv lifestyle and general complaining about the state of things today.

You see I really want to contribute financially but I can’t and won’t until I feel I’m getting something positive in return.

Yes, I understand it’s more difficult to find places to camp now, but there are many more resources available to find those gems. Yes, there are more people living in difficult situations. That speaks to a far greater problem in our society than whether or not there will be a space for me. Yes that’s a worthy discussion.

I remain hopeful that next week there will be a positive story, a great discussion on alternative ways to rv or maybe a brighter perspective on the many challenges we rv’ers face. I know you can do it!

Wishing you warm nights and starry skies!

Mike Briggs

Sharon Brandt

Chuck, when you headed inland from Newport you missed an opportunity to check Bay Point Landing, the new RV park in Empire (Coos Bay), Oregon. Right on the bay and you can watch the various boats entering and leaving the bay. Also, the area is fairly natural around the park so you might be able to watch a family of coastal deer having breakfast or a snack. Not an inexpensive park, but a very nice place to stay


Plastic Pollution on the Oregon Coast- Just to offer some hope. I live in the Portland area and have been assisting a couple of High School scientist with their Micro-plastic Uptake in Clam project. This is the second year the two sisters have worked on this… The younger generation is much more attuned and aware. We can all do our part to reuse, recycle and if nothing else properly dispose of waste items. Not sure we’ll cut our carbon footprint until Mr. Fusion hits the street, but maybe an electric Toad… happy cruising.

Alva Miller

Chuck, you may want to recalculate your figures concerning paved road traveling in the US. I believe if you would speed up just a bit and live a commonly attained lifespan you should easily be able to cover every inch 😁


On the email, it stated to see the end of the newsletter for 20% off Harvest Host. I must be missing it…can you please provide the 20% information or where to find? Thank you!!


Chuck, thanks for another fine report. I really do not understand how you do all you do, and it is appreciated. Thanks to your support staff also, there’s always a fair number of folks behind el president’s success.
The CEO and I spend summers along the very route you folks are travelling -the Oregon coast. And yes we’re booked one year in advance to get our spot at Winchester Bay, it is that frantic, and probably our last year there, as we’re fed up with what you so well describe as campgrounds overstuffed with full time “campers” and such and all that brings – most of it not pretty.

Anyway you mention Mo’s for Clam chowder. You’re right, BUT, in Florence this past summer, we enjoyed our last, visit to Mo’s. The day was busy due to the car show. We just had to go to Mo’s for Chowder, so off we went. Got seated, all’s fine. An older couple came in with dog in tow. We could hear the lady who sat us explain that animals are not allowed in the restaurant. There was some verbalization, and the couple took off, for the other end of the room where they sat down. Shortly after they were back at the front standing, talking to the lady again. There was a vacant table right beside us. I said to said CEO, “what’s the chances? You guessed it, they got seated right beside us.

The dog was in no way, offensive, slobbering, barking or anything. we just don’t eat with animals. We feel terrible for folks with animal allergies, we feel sorry for anyone who has to eat off a plate that someone fed their dog off, (we’ve seen this happen more than once). We feel sorry for the fact Thrift stores have signs on the entrance door proclaiming dogs are not allowed, but they are increasingly in eating establishments. – a growing health concern that needs serious addressing.

.Despite our protests, the dog stayed and we gobbled our chowder and left never to return.

We love all animals, we just do not eat with them, sleep with them, or enjoy them in close quarters in public places.

Ron J.

I read an article just recently that alluded to a backlog getting the MB, ProMaster and the Transit diesels, because of the large demand from organizations like Amazon, etc. Having read that, my mind immediately went to….when you go for Service, what will be the wait time; also, qualified repairmen to handle the huge demand. Makes me appreciate my gasser.