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I heard that the couple who died within minutes of each other it was reported on local news that when the one passed, his head turned to her and when she died her head turned to him. How freaky is that. Both were unconscious when both passed. The family said when they passed every one got a nice happy feel. Nice way to go. I plan to go being chased by a kodiak bear. Polar bear works too.


How would the Washington mileage gas tax work if, like us, a lot of our driving is out of state? It would only work fairly if all states adopted the same system. Otherwise, that might develop into “double taxation”.


Kinda agree with Gary. Government never gives up a revenue stream, they just add on. Besides how are they going to know how many miles you drive? Reckon they would have a fight on their hands to access your car’s GPS. And are they going to provide a GPS unit for all the older cars on the road? Guess maybe this might get people too turn their cell phones off while driving.


RVTravel, thank you for printing the story of Les and Freda Austin. Heart warming. God embraced them to the end.

Gary Smith

If you think Washington State is going to do away with or even significantly reduce their gas tax after adding a mileage tax you haven’t lived here very long.


Wonderful story about the couple from Michigan. Wow, 70 years of marriage and RV ing. And literally together til the very end. What a great example for their kids and todays society. Hope my wife and I can repeat this incredible feat!

Steve flippo

30 hours of work per week and in exchange the state of Michigan lets you camp free? Something doesn’t sound right. For a $20 per night campsite that works out to about $4 an hour!!! That puts the state of Michigan in the same ball park as communist China in how much they pay their workers. Welcome to the indentured servitude state of michigan.