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RV Daily Tips. Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Issue 1822
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Today’s thought

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well if one has not dined well.” ―Virginia Woolf

Need an excuse to celebrate? Today is National Goof Off Day! Have fun!

On this day in history: 1933 – Cullen–Harrison Act: President Franklin Roosevelt signs an amendment to the Volstead Act, legalizing the manufacture and sale of “3.2 beer” (3.2% alcohol by weight, approximately 4% alcohol by volume) and light wines.

Tip of the Day

Inflation is soaring! How to stretch your camping dollars

By Nanci Dixon
As inflation is currently impacting all of us, knowing how to stretch your camping dollars can come in handy. Summer RV trip planning may begin to look a little different.

We had skipped a planned trip to Washington, D.C., during the worst of COVID and are now raring to go but… gas prices, grocery prices, and campground costs are cutting into those plans again. I can’t even hit the multiply miles by miles-per-gallon button on my calculator.

As inflation soars, how can we stretch those camping dollars and still have a great time? Here are a few suggestions.

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Today’s RV review…

2022 Roadtrek Chase Class B

Tony writes, “My wife and I both liked the Roadtrek Chase quite a bit. The thing we liked most was how very comfortable those beds are, but the nerd side of me also really appreciated the solar and battery reserves as well as the inverter size.”

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Ask Dave

Dave Solberg is a leading expert in the RV industry and author of the “RV Handbook” as well as the Managing Editor of the RV Repair Club.

Why is there a sewer smell in coach after leaving a campground?

Dear Dave,
I have a 2010 Winnebago Adventurer 35P. When we start traveling after using our coach in a campground we get a horrible sewer smell throughout the entire coach. We open some windows and the smell goes away in about 20 minutes. I have replaced the vent covers under both sinks, and I make sure there is water in all the traps. It happens on empty, partially full or full tanks. The shower vent pipe has a cyclone vent cap on the roof. We get no sewer smell when parked. What should I look for next? —Ted

Read Dave’s answer.

The most beautiful, tiny, van-camper RV you have ever seen! publisher Chuck Woodbury reports he has never seen a van conversion as magnificent as this one. He says it packs in everything a typical motorhome can only include with three times the space. “If I were single and wanted to explore the country, staying wherever I wished without being identified as a ‘camper,’ I would go absolutely crazy seeing this and not being able to have one just like it for my very own.” Watch the short video and see if you feel the same.

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Have you ever eaten caviar?

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Quick Tip

It’s very important to keep your RV sealants fresh

The most frequent cause of damaging RV water leaks isn’t the roof itself. Rather, it’s the sealants around vents, trim, windows, etc. Sealant doesn’t last forever, and your RV warranty requires you to keep sealants fresh.

Website of the day

The Best Ice-Fishing Road Trips in America
We know you probably have spring on your mind, but if you’ve ever wanted to try ice fishing, put these incredible places on your list for next year!

And the Survey Says…

We’ve polled readers more than 1,500 times in recent years. Here are a few things we’ve learned about them:

• 69 percent say they are living with chronic pain. Of that 69 percent, 54 percent live with it okay, but for 15 percent it dictates how they live.
• 67 percent own an SUV (not a truck!).
• 59 percent say they have earned more than $100,000 in a single year.

Recent poll: Do you find National Parks to be busier than they ever were before?

Recipe of the Day

Cajun Sauteed Salmon With Rainbow Carrots and Potato
by Kisha Washington from Upper Marlboro, MD

If you’re looking for a nutritious and tasty salmon dinner, we’ve found your recipe. We love the Cajun spices added to the salmon. It gives it a burst of flavor. Rainbow carrots add a touch of color to the dish. Those, along with the red potatoes, are tender. Drizzle the creamy dill sauce over the salmon for another pop of flavor. The sauce reminds us of a tartar sauce but with dill. The combination of herbs and seasonings in this recipe is fantastic. This baked salmon is easy to make but looks impressive.

Click here for the recipe

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The term “jaywalking” derives its name from slang for U.S. country-folk. In the early 20th century, there was still a big divide between country and city folk. City-dwellers referred to country folk, who most likely were living without electricity, indoor plumbing or automobiles, as “jay.” When visiting the city, the country-folk would hardly pay attention to automotive traffic, and would often cross mid-street without using intersections. They’d “jaywalk” their way right into accidents! This is the only instance where this slang term is still used.

*Where and when were the first Girl Scout cookies sold? Yesterday’s trivia tells you. 

Readers’ Pets of the Day

“Our children (and grandchildren) informed us we were not doing our part to uphold the old geezer persona by not traveling with pets. We were thus gifted with three traveling companions…who, we admit, aren’t difficult travelers. This is Ali Khat, Byrd Lyte, and Great Scout Snoopy.” —Sharon Stoops

Send us a photo of your pet with a short description. We publish one each weekday in RV Daily Tips and in our Saturday RV Travel newsletter. No blurry photos, please! Please do not submit your photo more than once. Thanks!

We’ve always wanted this but never bought it. Since it’s raining a lot, now is the perfect time to use it!

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1 year ago

I hate to say it but I am doing a whirl wind get stuff done with our 2nd home in NC and I won’t be back until September. But with the hotels I am staying in? Are asking if I have pets, why I did not bring my pets and how many pets do I have. O and do I have pics. I am like wow. Last year it was O you have pets and you have how many? I guess it all depends on the year.

1 year ago

FYI, there’s still a big divide between city and country folk, and there probably always will be. The same is true of everybody else vs. Southerners. I’ll be polite and say no more, but I happen to be in the group that’s on the receiving end of negative attitudes.

Bob Wallace
1 year ago

I got a jaywalking ticket walking to the bus terminal from the AFEES office to go off to boot camp by a policeman on a tricycle motorcycle (I think they also used these as ice cream vehicles). I had long hair, ratty jean jacket carrying underwear and deodorant in a paper bag which he was keen to look into (probably looked like a drug dealer TBH). I pass that site on the way to work almost daily all these years later and still get a laugh/warm memory.

Jesse Crouse
1 year ago

My wife is a 1/2 pint and she still hogs a king sized bed. Go figure.

1 year ago

Question? (to Dave Solberg inquirer) Is the smell worse when you run the roof vent fans? Check under the kitchen sink for any open areas to your utility (tank) bay. Also, be sure both ends of the slinky tank drain tube are securely capped. Clean up any spills in the utility bay. To test for an open area to the bay – spray a roof deodorizer in the bay – see if it works its way into the coach. Good luck.

1 year ago

“Old geezer persona”???? I…I think I’m offended!

Roger lee lyle
1 year ago

so true about the bed ?? and so much m o r e . sorry Queen ##

Glenn A
1 year ago

I once got cited for “jay” walking in Honolulu. When the officer informed me that in Honolulu one crossed at the crosswalk, I informed him that in south Alabama we cross when traffic allows. He didn’t see the humor….thus the citation.

1 year ago
Reply to  Glenn A

Haven’t been to Honolulu since 1967. There seemed to be a lack of humor then also.

John M
1 year ago

Why would anyone pay 14 to 25 dollars for a puzzle that you put together once then put on a shelf or throw it away?

1 year ago
Reply to  John M

Some resourceful people, or forgetful people, would pull the puzzle down every 6-12 months and do it again. For years. Recycling.

John M
1 year ago
Reply to  Richard

My main posting was more about the price of a puzzle than putting it together more than once.

Donald N Wright
1 year ago

wow ! What a mini van camper !

1 year ago

Quick Tip wasn’t much of a tip since it didn’t describe how to keep your sealants fresh. Just stated to keep it fresh, do I spray “Glade” on them, lol.

1 year ago
Reply to  G13

I prefer “Pledge”.

1 year ago

And why did the city folk call the country folk ‘jay’?

This trivia is meaningless!

1 year ago
Reply to  TIM MCRAE

Wondering the same thing myself.

Pierre Woody
1 year ago
Reply to  CTK

Me too! Why was this article published?

Dan A
1 year ago
Reply to  TIM MCRAE

They were referring to the way a Jay bird walks.

1 year ago
Reply to  TIM MCRAE

I had the same question, so did an internet search. While city vs country is one thought, I’m not sure it is correct. There are several plausible theories on the origin, which, to me, means no one knows for sure. Check out as they had a rather lengthy list of various possibilities. Since this one is actually documented, I thought it may be correct:

Some evidence recently unearthed by Douglas Wilson suggests jay walker was an adaptation of various earlier expressions, especially jay driver.

Against “Jay” Driving. The city attorney prepared and submitted an ordinance which provides that teams and vehicles, including automobiles, keep on the right-hand side of the street when they travel farther than a half block and providing further that they shall not pass crossings at a speed faster than a walk. Ogden Standard, Utah, 18 April 1906.

Other newspaper examples from the same period suggest that the prime characteristic of a jay driver was that he wandered about all over the road, causing confusion among other drivers. It was explained in the Emporia Gazette of Kansas on 13 July 1911: “A jay driver is a species of the human race who, when driving either a horse or an automobile, or riding a bicycle on the streets, does not observe the rules of the road. It is the custom of the jay driver to drive on the wrong side of the street.”

Last edited 1 year ago by Spike

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