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Latest fuel prices in Anchorage Alaska: regular – $2.99, diesel – $3.09
Hope to see you all here!


The RVers that do not plan on going to Yellowstone NP do they go to any national parks! Are they like alot of snowbirds here in AZ that store the RV here and pull it out of storage to live in during the winter! Or are they RV resort “campers”! Traveling from resort to resort. My wife and I having been rving 25 years to see the sights of the U.S. and Canada.

John Brown

Unfortunately, my dreams of having a Retirement RV was, like millions of others, was dashed during the G.W. Bush administration.
I enjoy your news letter every week and often find useful information I can use at home.
I miss the cartoon you use to have as well as the Food section and Trivia. The Church Lady is always good.

George B

The Tesla ‘truck’ will never make the market, or if it does, it will be the 21st century Edsel (even with all the government subsidies). Its like something out of the Flintstones cartoon. Who would go on National TV to demonstrate this vehicles ‘bullet proof’ glass, only to watch it shatter when a metal ball hit it during a demonstration. If Musk can’t take the time for quality control of a window ……


re Mendocino County TOT for RV and tent sites: I am frankly surprised that this hasn’t come about earlier. I expect that other CA counties and cities will follow suit,if they haven’t already. We’ll still camp there as it’s one of our favorite places.


Just wanted to say that this was an outstanding issue. Thanks for the all of the news and information. We love ya!