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20 smart uses for rubber bands while RVing

Sometimes the smallest things can make the biggest difference when camping. Take rubber bands, for example. They are small but mighty! And they can come in handy in the RV, in many more ways than you think! Just read on and you’ll see why in these 20 smart uses for rubber bands.

Outdoor uses for rubber bands

Rubber bands will come in handy when you’re enjoying the outdoors. Keep some handy in your RV basement toolbox, backpack, or inside your tow vehicle. You may be surprised at how often you use them!

  • Hiking pole handles. I wrap two wide rubber bands around the handle of my hiking pole. They improve my grip and I feel more secure.
  • Apple snack. I like to pack apples along for a quick snack while hiking or sightseeing. However, I don’t like how cut apples dry out and/or turn brown. So, after I quarter an apple, I reassemble it. A rubber band holds the apple together and the fruit stays fresh.
  • Splint fix. If you injure your finger you can make a temporary splint. Place a stick on either side of the finger. Hold the splint in place with a couple of rubber bands.
  • Cell phone holder. Use a rubber band to hold your cell phone when driving. Simply thread the rubber band through the car dash air vent and around your phone.
  • Jar labels. My husband places the thick rubber bands around jars of screws, nuts, etc. He uses a permanent marker to label what’s inside each jar. The rubber band not only acts as a label, but it also cushions the jars from breakage when they bump together in the toolbox.
  • Screw fix. Grab a wide rubber band the next time you find a stripped screw. Place the band flat over the head of your screwdriver and then attach the screw. The rubber band should provide the extra grip you need to remove the screw.
  • Journal keeper. I use a rubber band to keep my travel journal securely closed when not in use. This keeps the pages from accidentally becoming bent or torn inside my backpack.

Indoor uses for rubber bands

There are even more ways to use rubber bands inside your RV. Here are a few of my favorites.

In the kitchen

  • Easy bulletin board. Simply wrap several rubber bands around a clipboard. Hang the clipboard in a convenient place inside your RV. Tuck reminders, bills, and other important notes inside the rubber bands.
  • Page holder. I like to use rubber bands to hold my recipe books open as I cook. Bands wrapped over the left and right sides of the book do the trick.
  • Spoon stopper. A rubber band wrapped around the end of a spoon or soup ladle will usually keep it from slipping down into the cooking pot.
  • Non-slip cutting board. Wrap a rubber band around each end of a cutting board. The band will prevent the board from slipping on your countertop. The bands are easily removed for cleaning, too.
  • Jar opener. A rubber band placed around a jar lid will give you a better grip. You should be able to open that pickle jar more easily. This tip also works for soda bottle lids and many others.
  • Drink identifier. Wrap different colors of rubber bands around your wine glasses to easily know which drink is yours. You can also do this with soda or beer cans.
  • Glass grip. When the humidity’s high, a rubber band can help you keep a sturdy grip on that glass of cold iced tea. Simply place a wide rubber band or two around the glass for a surer grip. Hint: This also works to help little toddler hands have a firmer grip on a glass or cup.
  • Cupboard latch. On travel days, use a rubber band to keep the RV cupboards closed. Tightly wrap a rubber band around adjoining cupboard handles and you’re all set.

In the bathroom

  • Pump portion minder. Control the amount of soap your little ones use. Wrap a rubber band around the base of the pump. It will help limit the amount of liquid soap that can be pumped from the container.
  • Razor grip. If you shave in the shower, you know how slippery your razor can get. Especially when you have wet hands. Get a better grip by placing a rubber band around the razor handle and you’re good to go. A rubber band will also give you a better grip on shampoo, conditioner and other bottles when hands are wet.
  • Mark products. Use different colors of rubber bands to differentiate between shower products.

In the closet

Hanger hack. Tired of clothes falling off the hangers in your RV closet? Wrap a rubber band over each end of the plastic or wire hanger. The band will help keep clothes where they belong.

Travel tip. On travel days, I like to push the hanging clothes together and secure the hangers with rubber bands. This keeps the clothes from slipping back and forth on the closet rod, which can cause clothing to fall on the floor.

How do you make use of rubber bands while camping? Share your ideas in the comments below.




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8 months ago

Use a small rubber band to keep those pesky chargers with their long leads wrapped into a tight package.

8 months ago

Put one around your paper towel roll on travel day. Put them around your ankles when hiking with long pants to keep tics from getting up your legs.

Julianne G Crane
8 months ago

All of these ideas are brilliant. Thank you for the article and the other comments.
There is one use I can add. We have a small trailer with limited storage space. What I do is roll up each item of clothing and wrap it with a rubber band. Makes for a more compact and neat storage space. One down side may be wrinkles, but when we’re traveling that is not my priority. Space is my priority.

Susan Banks
8 months ago

I do the same!

linda d
8 months ago

I use rubber bands at each corner of my tablecloth to keep it from blowing away. I twist the ends of the tablecloth (the part that’s hanging down), then wrap a rubber band around it. My sister uses color coordinated ribbons when having get-togethers. Plus I fold & wrap my plastic bags to keep them smaller & neater.

Denny L'Etoile
8 months ago
  1. Keep windshield cover rolled on pool noodle (we have a class C RV)
  2. Keep folded/rolled wheel covers secure.
  3. And my all time favorite, killing flies from 3′ or less when using the fly swatter is too slow!

We keep a bag of size 32 rubber bands.

8 months ago

I also use them to keep packages of chips closed instead of chip clips.

Tom b
8 months ago

That ‘Mark Products’ is genius! I can’t read in the shower, and you can’t tell if it’s shampoo or conditioner (a BIG “S” or “C” on the bottle would help…) so I can use a thick red rubber band for shampoo and a thin blue one for conditioner! the color should help me know, and the thicker band give me a tactile sense when it’s too dark to see! thanks!

8 months ago
Reply to  Tom b

The thick vs thin rubber bands is a good idea. Especially if you not only can’t see in the shower without glasses, but you are color-blind as well!

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