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“Soak” up the good vibes at this RV park

By Emily Woodbury

It’s time to break out that swimsuit and those round, color-tinted sunglasses … Mystic Hot Springs is calling your name! Mystic Hot Springs in Monroe, Utah, isn’t your average RV park. A writer from says it feels like “a ’60s era commune in the middle of the Utah desert.” Groovy, right?

In 1886 the Cooper family purchased the land, and the hot springs “pools” were created. It wasn’t until artist Mike Ginsburg came across the property in 1995 on his way home from a Grateful Dead concert that the hot springs would be made into the resort that it is today. When Mike first bought the property, there was only one cabin (which was rented frequently and was in high demand among visitors). He knew he had to build more, but didn’t want to spend all his savings to do so. He began acquiring old shacks from the surrounding area and repurposing the materials to build cabins. The first building he purchased was one of the first pioneer cabins in the valley from 1865. There are currently 15 cabins on the property to rent, all built from restored and recycled materials.

Now, about that swimsuit … Mystic Hot Springs is home to two large soaking pools; one pool has a massaging waterfall flowing into it, and the other looks directly onto the concert stage. Live music while hot-spring-soakin’? Now where else can you do that? There are also six vintage bathtubs for visitors to soak in (which have a consistent flow of fresh water, so no need to worry about sharing a bathtub with a stranger … yuck). Check out the park’s Instagram for some great shots of the tubs.

The park offers 32 pull-through RV sites with full hookups, and two large lawns for tents/hammocks and outdoor sports. There is a communal bathroom building with hot showers, sinks and flushing toilets. Soaking passes for the hot springs are included in every stay.

If you’re willing to part with your RV for the night, you can stay in one of the 15 cabins, or one of the six converted school buses (seriously, how cool are these?).

Now give peace a chance, will ya? Get away from the hustle and bustle and hang loose at this far out park. Click here to visit the website and book your stay.


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Scott Ellis
3 years ago

“Live music while hot-spring-soakin’? Now where else can you do that?” Well, where else you can do that is at Norris Hot Springs, forty miles or so southeast of Bozeman, Montana. They also have a small campground and serve good food.

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