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Stove wraps help keep stovetop and oven clean



If you tire of having to clean up your stove of spills after cooking, these stove wraps should make your chore not only faster but easier also.

Atwood and Suburban model stove wrap splatter guards fit perfectly to a Suburban or Atwood stove, don’t need any tweaking, and will help protect your stove from nasty scuffs and scratches you get from cleaning and cooking regularly. Stove Wrap liners are non-stick, non-flammable, washable, and reusable, so they’re a great investment for kitchens.

This product comes with a 12″ x 12″ oven liner to keep the inside as clean as possible and prevent any wear and tear. The Stove Wrap protector is heat resistant up to 550 degrees F so there is no need to adapt cooking regimes in order to maintain a clean stove and oven. The pre-cut wraps have been FDA approved for food contact and are BPA/PFOA free. Installation of the Stove Wraps is quick and easy, allowing you to keep your stove and oven clean for years. Comes in black to match Suburban and Atwood stoves.

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