Thursday, December 8, 2022


The baddest scooter in the RV park


A couple of weeks ago we posted photos of a few golf carts that looked like classic automobiles. We thought they would be pretty darn cool for cruising the RV park or tooling around your local 18.

But here’s another vehicle that will turn heads wherever it goes — an electric scooter that resembles a Model T Ford. It’s called the Gatsby.

It features a sleek decorative grille with ultra-bright headlights, rear-view mirrors, taillights, leather-back seats and a custom 1920s-style Gatsby hood ornament. This beauty has a 25-mile range and a 440-pound weight capacity. So no need to do any dieting to safely pilot this handsome four-wheeler.

You into speed? This baby will zip you along at a peppy 10 miles per hour (even faster going downhill!) — hey, that’s a whole lot faster than walking — perfect for getting you over to the park’s cocktail party on time.

We found the Gatsby while poking around Amazon. It can be yours for a mere $2,979. What a deal! Check it out.

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George Sears
3 years ago

Five years ago, I had a bad cold. It wouldn’t let go. I finally went to the emergency room, where they gave me intravenous antibiotics. A couple of days later, I was in the hospital, using oxygen 24/7. Walking to the bathroom was all I could do. After a month in the hospital and a nursing home, I went home with an oxygen machine and a machine to refill oxygen bottles, to go out. I could barely walk from the car (n the handicap zone) to the spot where the ‘free’ scooters were, at the market.

I thought a lot about buying a scooter, and the designs left a lot to be desired. Ideally, you have something that folds and maybe splits into a couple of pieces, just to keep it light and easy to store in a vehicle. Lithium batteries help. Most scooters on the market lack the big basket of a grocery store scooter. They really are handy if you are disabled, but there are some serious issues, buying a mobility scooter. I’m kind of happy that Walmart has a grocery pickup, now, and it works very well. A lot of things serve more than one need.

Eventually, I threw off the bug and my lungs cleared out. Maybe 6 months later I could give up the oxygen equipment. I can walk around a store. I never got much of an explanation for what I had, but there is a lot of talk about superbugs and weak antibiotics. I know I was partly misdiagnosed, but the level of my health insurance was something called ‘value care’.

Tommy Molnar
3 years ago

My brother-in-law NEEDS this! Hot Rod Kenny!