Thursday, September 23, 2021
Thursday, September 23, 2021

The camper who did this should be thrown in jail

By Normal Frump

A reader came across this photo and sent it to us. We do not know who took it.

It was taken at a national park campsite. Seeing it makes our staff’s blood boil.

It’s really hard to understand people who toss trash out their car windows, or who feed a bear, which could ultimately result in its death due to becoming people-food dependent and aggressive about getting it. But this is about as bad as it gets.

We can only hope that whoever did this was caught.

Because of that person’s stupidity and lack of respect for nature and other campers, he or she (probably both) has forced everyone who later occupies the campsite to witness this destruction over and over again.

Frankly, the park should cut down the tree. It’s a reminder of the worst side of humanity.

I am sorry to upset you, as I probably have, because I know the readers of this newsletter would never do something like this. But, if you should ever witness someone being so destructive, contact the police or rangers immediately. The violators need to pay a steep fine and if the judge determines, spend a little time behind bars to ponder their ignorant behavior. Oh, this is so depressing!


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Carson Axtell
26 days ago

More “Stupid Human Tricks”… It’s getting harder and harder to find a place remote enough to get away from all such evolutionary retrogrades.

2 months ago

If this one year old post is about the tree in Joshua National Park, the two people who did this were 40 years old and fined $500 in November 2020……and the tree was repaired…..

Cathy Stover
4 months ago

They should be able to tell with the initials by who was in that site. Give them a hefty fine and make them replace the tree themselves and dig the hole for it!

Jim Knoch
4 months ago

None of my Boy Scouts would have ever done anything like this. They were taught to respect nature, not deface it.

Bob P
4 months ago

This was done by someone who had a friend instead of a parent when they were growing up. A parent would have told them this is wrong, instead their adult friend said oh that’s so cute. COME ON PEOPLE, YOU MADE THAT CHILD NOW BE A PARENT TO THAT CHILD. YOU CAN BE FRIENDS WITH THEM WHEN THEYRE NO LONGER YOUR RESPONSIBILITY!

John Mooney
1 year ago

I think the carving of trees is irresponsible and I also get frustrated that so many people think it is OK to string up a hammock or other things tied to trees. As far as I know that isn’t allowed in National Parks either, does damage to the trees. When I was in Big Bend this young couple arrived, strung up a hammock and a tight rope for walking on between the trees in front of my campsite. The couple was just having fun but totally oblivious to the rules. When a camp host came and told them to remove the lines they were so offended they left, never understanding what they had done…

Eileen Brown
1 year ago

Too bad a camping neighbor didn’t film them and take it straight to a ranger. This stuff drives me nuts.

D Haley
1 year ago

I understand the carvings from years ago as the American Indians on the east coast we noted to do as well. But there were not the infestation of insects we have today as well as all the pollutants we have today. This behavior can only be culled but prosecution to the full extent of law. But unfortunately we have a system of judges that are way to liberal. So a slap on the hand and the process starts all over again. Those that are caught by us should take their picture and deliver it to the wardens, foresters, law enforcement including vehicle identification. And work to gets laws passed that makes the minimum fine of thousands and locked up until fine is paid and while locked up you’re being charged what the local hotel charges plus meals per day. It’s just a shame the lack of respect.

26 days ago
Reply to  D Haley

“Way too liberal”? Nonsense. Carving one’s initials into a tree would warrant a fine, perhaps community service at the park and a “slap on the hand”. That would be the full extent of the law there. Let’s leave incarceration for more serious crimes…

Sharon B
1 year ago

I agree. This is destruction of a campground private property. What idiots they are who did this.

Karen Talley
1 year ago
Reply to  Sharon B

Wont they be able to know the culprit by site reservation?

1 year ago

Such a shame that people are morons. I was visiting the Vatican in Italy only to witness some teenager graffitiing the Coppola’s, while the parents took there. I must admit I lost my $hit and reprimanded the kid! And the parents said nothing, to me or to their kid!

1 year ago
Reply to  Darlene

you could be of service educating the morons that are desecrating America’s cities and historical monuments

David Shipp
1 year ago

I am amazed by how many people on this forum seem to have an issue with cutting down the tree. No it will not change the fact that his happened, but it will stop other impressionable and ignorant people from getting the idea this is acceptable behavior. That tree is no more than thirty years old, probaably closer to ten. Trees are a renewable resource if we don’t allow them to be defacead and exposed to unnessecary bug infestation. Defacing some thing that does not belong to you seems to be a new normal. Getting the wrong message from this defacement is not the education people need. Just like the bear that finds out that people are a source for food and has to be put down because some one acted ignorantly, this tree needs to be removed.
For those who don’t get it, I suppose there could be some sort of pomp and circumstance where the public is invited in and shown that if you are caught defacing a tree you will be fined and here is what the person who defaced this tree caused.

1 year ago
Reply to  David Shipp

While this particularly egregious example is reprehensible from where we stand right now, this is hardly a new phenomenon. I photographed many “arborglyphs” in the aspens of the San Juan National Forest in Colorado. I saw carvings as old as the 1940s, although I need the help of a federal forester to translate the now-callused carvings. Yes, the “good old days” of the ’40s. People aren’t any different now, there’s just more of them.

Turns out there were aspens being carved over a hundred years ago by Basque sheepherders, passing their time while tending their sheep. More info here.

Douglas Powell
1 year ago

You finish with cutting down the tree and I’m sure you got a lot of flack for that but you are right. It is no different than bring your dog into a park with sign saying not to! Once the floodgates of STUPID are opened it favors the stupid over the responsible and there is a simple term for it “Social Facilitation” That is why our towns are being desecrated and destroyed. we need to nip it in the bud. Sacrificing a tree will eliminate a sign that states it is Cool!, because it is NOT!

1 year ago

I agree with you 100%. The destruction of our environment is becoming rampant. These illiterate and Ignorant bafoons are not being instructed properly both at home and in schools as to the importance of our natural world. I fear for our future.

1 year ago

Did you guys never do this growing up? What we need to do is educate folks. Yes there are people out there who won’t listen but most will. Maybe a pamphlet in the tent box and given by the RV dealer when you buy a rig or when you check into a campground. People have been carving bark for who knows how many thousands of years. They need to learn you shouldn’t do it at a campsite, or water tower but that’s another subject. Far worse is the trash and human waste problem. We can complain about these folks all day long but until we find a way to educate them we’re partially to blame.

Lester Hollins
1 year ago
Reply to  George

Unfortunately common sense is not so common.

Adrian Cahill
1 year ago

I agree Fully

Gene DeMeter
1 year ago

Levy a serious fine if the park can track down the perpetrators and remove the tree to avoid tempting another couple to do the same. Its presence seriously detracts from the beauty of the location and is not an immovable object like a boulder etc.

Roger B
11 months ago
Reply to  Gene DeMeter

Maybe carve the parks initials in the perpetrators. But remember, “you can’t cure stupid”.

Brenda W Odom
1 year ago

And therein lies the problem. “Should be” doesn’t make a dent. Laws not enforced, are easily ignored. Simple behavioral psychology based on reward vs. reinforcement. Jails aren’t big enough for the new behavioral norms.

Evans Givan
1 year ago

People been doing this for hundreds of years. Or more. You think you can change it? Gdet over it and find something you CAN change to vent about.

1 year ago

Definitely cut down the tree and don’t give any more morons ideas.

1 year ago
Reply to  Camilla

That would not solve the problem. That is like euthanizing a person who has had an amputation due to diabetes. More education in schools and like the person said above put instructions in a camp
Brochure and levy fines.

Tom Piper
1 year ago
Reply to  Lois

Nice thought but people do not read signs. Besides, signs should not be replacements for common sense and respect for someone else’s property. A tree in a campground is NOT their property. If they would do something this senseless and stupid, what else might they be capable of doing. What would be your feeling if the tree was in your yard? Or maybe the side of your house?

1 year ago
Reply to  Tom Piper

When very young, I was taken into the woods where my father and siblings grew up in the 1920’s. Each of those eleven children had their initials in a tree by the creek. That tree is still there, carving not so distinguishable now. Sure wish some of them were here too. While I do not advocate for defacing nature, sometimes I think these discussions go way too far with wishful penalties. Now this was also not “public lands”, but my grandfather’s farm. Wish we could go back to a more live/let live society and not wish such severity on our neighbors. I live in a growing community where it seems folks moving in want to exercise penalties onto those they see as offenders, hence ridiculous local ordnance and HOA rules. Will this end with neighbors watching neighbors?

1 year ago

Instead of being angry or upset over this since there is nothing you can do about it just use as a reminder of what people do to nature, animals and people. It is this you wonder just how bad these people really are. IMO not yours

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