Wednesday, September 28, 2022


Two NYC millennials see an RV up close and personal

See how RVing has changed, especially how the marketing of RVs to consumers has changed, and how the audience has responded in this report from “The Ellen Show.” Two New York City millennials see an RV up close and personal for the first time at the recent RVX trade show. Watch their reactions.

RV industry PR folks have patted themselves on the back for generating this coverage, which is aimed at the industry’s new target market, 15 years younger than it was a decade ago.


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Brian Holmes
1 year ago

The Ellen spot is what happens when you hire to many liberal females your news letter is going down hill Chuck. Oh just trying my best to talk intelligently and be open minded but having a hard time with it when useless stories like this is part of your news letter.

Ron T.
1 year ago
Reply to  Brian Holmes

Your opinion is your business, but this newsletter is Chuck’s business and if it is going to survive as a business it needs to attract new, younger, more diverse readers. Our generation, Baby Boomers, has put it’s stamp on the world for better and worse, but it’s time to move on gracefully. That’s always been the way of the world. The times they are a-changin’.

1 year ago

Fun clip but to be serious I don’t think Kalen will be RVing anytime soon. You think so, wait until he has to dump the black tank it’s game over. I think the millennials seem to be with it. They seem to be more questioning on what it’s. Most are environmentally aware and practice such. It’s the XYZ generation that’s out of control.

Dianne Belk
1 year ago

So many people have no idea how wonderful RV life can be. I enjoyed Kalens excitement as he discovered the RV world. I laughed the entire time. Thank you for adding this to today’s issue.

Bill N Stacey
1 year ago


3 years ago

Is it wrong that I want to see Kalen try taking that 40ft Tiffin on that driving course?
Also, lmao all the haters here.

Ed D.
1 year ago
Reply to  squeakytiki

People with a difference of opinions on here are “haters”? This is still America and we have the right to express our “OPINIONS”! The “haters” on here, are the people that are casting stones at those who differ in opinion!

Tommy Molnar
3 years ago

I laughed through the whole thing. Kalen is a hoot!

Carson Axtell
3 years ago

If Ellen is talking to the future leaders of America, we’re sunk.

3 years ago

Just another reason to NOT watch the hEllen show

3 years ago

What a waste of time……

3 years ago

Love it, such fun and joy. Kalen is a trip, I’d wager few experience the world with as much laughter and wonder as he does. Love and laughter rule!

1 year ago
Reply to  Shannon

Agreed! There’s enough negativity in the world (even amidst RVers, who should be the happiest of people). I enjoyed a few minutes of laughter watching this clip.

3 years ago

So sad to see the representatives chosen for the Millennial generation! Once again this is a failure of the media, an attempt at sensationalism and a farce. Get serious America!

Billy Vitro
1 year ago
Reply to  Gene

Exactly! We need more grumpy old {bleeped}! Knuckle down! Mind your P’s and Q’s! Nose to the grindstone! Eye on the prize! Stop having fun, DAMMIT!


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