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Upgrade to a luxurious spa-grade RV showerhead

A good shower can make your day. But a poor shower fixture can be frustrating, ineffective, waste water (important when boondocking), and leave you feeling less than invigorated. The Body Spa RV Shower Kit can change your shower experience to the highlight of your day.

The Body Spa shower upgrade kit with Oxygenics amplifying technology, designed for high performance in RVs, delivers a powerful spray regardless of water pressure, rinses thoroughly in less time, and uses up to 30 percent less water.

It saves water, energy, and money while oxygen infusion revitalizes skin and hair. The SmartPause shut-off valve conserves water while you lather up and non-stick internal parts prevent mineral build-up. The shower head installs in only minutes. It comes with 60″ hose, wall mount wand holder and plumber’s tape.

Maintenance Free
The BodySpa never requires maintenance or upkeep.

Limited Lifetime Warranty
The showerhead is guaranteed for life never to clog because the internal components are constructed using Delrin, which prevents mineral deposits, lime and scale buildup.

Cost Effective
Because the showerheads last forever, require no maintenance, and are designed to conserve 30-70 percent of water and energy used by traditional shower heads, the shower head is a good option for the RV owner that wants a cost effective solution.

Self Pressurizing
The patented technology uses a self pressurizing design to increase spray velocity to produce a stimulating experience even with low water pressure.

Customize the Flow
The SmartPause valve allows you to pause water flow to a trickle with the push of a button. Helping you save water while lathering up and rinsing off.

Health Benefits
The Oxygenics technology increases oxygen content in the water by up to 10 times! The oxygen helps to purify the water by creating negatively charged ions that counter damaging free radicals. The result? Rejuvenated, younger looking skin (according to the company).

You can find the Body Spa RV Shower Kit at for about $32 (as of April, 2016).


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