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8 reasons to consider molded fiberglass trailers

In the video below, the team from Travels & Travails wants to give you eight reasons why they think you should consider a molded fiberglass trailer for your next RV purchase.

The video is not touting a particular brand, but rather the style of fiberglass trailers and what they have to offer in general. I have to say, after watching the video, I am seriously rethinking what my next RV will be.

These traveling YouTubers are BIG fans of fiberglass trailers, with a lot of their videos centering on this topic (along with travel adventures too).

So what are the reasons they love fiberglass trailers so much? Let’s explore:

#1 Options: No matter what your needs or budget, there are lots of options and floor plans to choose from. I would put in a personal note that if you like HUGE buses and motorhomes, you are not going to find that in a fiberglass option. But small and medium-sized trailers abound.

#2 Lightweight: Fiberglass trailers are lightweight and easy to tow. Some smaller ones can even be towed with a 4-cylinder car!

#3 Aerodynamic: This design style not only makes fiberglass trailers easier to tow, but it also saves on fuel.

#4 Easy access to systems: If you need to make repairs, it is usually simple to access your RV systems in a fiberglass trailer via built-in access hatches.

#5 Low maintenance: Because they are made from such durable materials, these trailers need very little upkeep.

#6 Long lasting: Because of those durable materials these trailers tend to last a long time and hold their value. Not only that, if you follow the manufacturer’s instructions for care, they can look like new for decades!

#7 Strong and durable: Because of how durable they are, repairs are not often needed on fiberglass trailers. They are resistant to the elements like wind, rain, sun, and fluctuating temperatures. But when repairs are needed, the process is far simpler than other RVs. And there are no issues with water leaks and the damage they can cause that happen in conventional RVs. You don’t even have roof maintenance.

#8 They retain their resale value: Because of all the factors just listed, these trailers, not surprisingly, hold their resale value well.



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Carl W
15 days ago

As a molded fiberglass trailer owner, I somewhat disagree with the low maintenance comments. The appliances are some of the same used in every RV, and we all know about furnaces, water heaters, and absorption refrigerators. Additionally, if not stored undercover, the fiberglass will need semiannual waxing (undercover, one would be OK waxing annually). This is because the gel coat on all fiberglass oxidizes when exposed to UV. Think of fiberglass boats that are shiny when new but with age and lack of maintenance, get dull and “chalky.” Still, I personally would only own a molded fiberglass trailer.

Cheri Sicard
15 days ago
Reply to  Carl W

I think the no leaking and water is the main reason they say they are lower maintenance. And after owning a conventional RV as a single woman who does not have the knowledge nor tools to do a lot repairs myself, this aspect of lower maintenance is HUGE. My next RV is going to a fiberglass trailer.

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