Saturday, September 23, 2023


8 RV propane tips to keep things running smoothly

By Cheri Sicard
Everything you ever wanted to know about RV propane systems but did not know who to ask is covered in the 8 RV propane tips video below.

The folks from Access RV (now Bish’s RV) did a good job of covering the most common questions and problems they get asked concerning propane. And let’s face it, a properly functioning propane system is paramount to comfort and convenience when using your rig.

Along the way, you’ll learn other RV propane tips, tricks, and tidbits too. For instance, did you know spiders LOVE the smell of propane? Likewise, you want to watch out for these critters around your tanks and RV propane appliances.

I know when I checked my outdoor fridge compartment when I bought my last used RV we had some taking up residence. They quickly got evicted!

After watching you will know what to look for in order to ensure your RV’s propane system is properly functioning. You will also know what to check in regard to individual appliances that operate on propane. And you will come away with the overall ability to troubleshoot potential propane problems.

At one point or another most RVers have experienced appliances not lighting. Or perhaps the propane is not flowing into the RV at all. These are usually simple fixes with valid reasons behind them. But you’ll know what to do next time after watching these tips.

I loved that they also covered automatic changeover systems for RV propane tanks. Turns out it’s more efficient to change it over yourself than to leave it on automatic pilot.

Another conundrum that always challenges RVers is knowing how much propane is left in the tanks. The video offers both low- and high-tech solutions to this problem.

Also, it covers the important safety and annual inspections and leak checks you should have done to your RV propane system.

And if that were not enough, there’s also a discussion of the ins and outs of RV propane detectors, how to test them, and their expected life spans.

Now you’re cooking … with gas!



  1. When I need to know how much propane is left in the bottle, I just disconnect it and weigh it on a fish scale. Subtract the “tare” weight of the bottle and you know how much propane is left.


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