Wednesday, November 29, 2023


RV DIY: How to replace RV vinyl trim

By Cheri Sicard
Is your RV starting to look a little shabby? You can give it a facelift pretty easily by replacing its worn, discolored and/or broken RV vinyl trim. This is a reasonably easy RV DIY project. In the video below, the Colorado Camperman is going to show us just how simple it is to do using Camco’s RV vinyl trim.

Besides aesthetics, the trim serves the practical purpose of protecting the screws underneath, the ones that hold the RV walls and roof together, and protecting them from the elements, especially water.

Side note: if you are going to replace your RV vinyl trim, it’s also a great time to replace your RV gutter spouts as you will be working in this area anyway. Colorado Camperman did a separate video about that.

What tools do you need to replace RV vinyl trim?

Watch the video to see how it’s all done and also to take away the intimidation factor. You CAN do this.

Once the old RV vinyl trim is removed, you might as well take the time to tighten down the screws, since this is typically the only time they are exposed. Again, the video shows a demonstration.

One important tip: This is a job best saved for a warm day, as the warmer temperatures make the vinyl trim more pliable and easier to work with. Once you get the first part in, the rest should follow along easily.

When you get to the bottom of the RV, you are going to use just a tiny bit of the caulk to seal off any small openings.

This looks like an easy project that even I can do—and if I can do it, so can you.

I don’t know about you, but I know that each time I can complete an RV repair project I would have otherwise had to pay hundreds of dollars an hour to get done for me, I am inspired to do more. And each and every RV repair skill you learn will serve you well in your overall RVing journey.

I’m not ready (yet) to tackle my RV’s electrical or plumbing systems, but this vinyl trim project is something I can definitely handle.



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Tommy Molnar (@guest_258197)
1 month ago

It was 34° here in northern NV this morning so this will not be something I’ll be doing anytime soon. 🙂

Jim Johnson (@guest_258188)
1 month ago

Timely video. This is exactly the project I will be doing with our 2017 34′ TT in the next few weeks (assuming the sun is still warm enough in south-central Texas. The one tool I don’t have at the RV (already in TX, we are in MI) is the 5in1 paint tool. Don’t know why as it is handy for a lot more than painting. They are inexpensive, but I have a spare at the house; packing it today.

Gil (@guest_258146)
1 month ago

Depending on the make of your RV/TT, it’s not as easy as it looks, even for DIY’ers. Case in point is who and how the vinyl trim is/was installed. Some have the bottom folded over and extremely difficult to take off, some on YouTube have just cut it and sealed it. The removal, cleaning prep work is tedious, remembering that sealing after install is very key to prevent water damage.

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