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EEK! How to get rid of mice in an RV


Robin Barrett from Creativity RV all of a sudden had a mouse problem in her 5th wheel. In the video below Robin talks about the important topic of how to get rid of mice in an RV.

With winter coming this is an issue that can potentially affect a lot of us.

Robin had once seen evidence of a mouse in the RV’s underbelly, but she never thought they would actually come inside the rig. But she was wrong. She had even taken precautions along the way like placing bars of Irish Spring soap (does this work?) or dryer sheets in the cabinets. And she has a cat as well. Nonetheless, mice still got in while her 5th wheel was stored.

Robin first discovered a mouse under the hood of her truck. And there were mice on the property where she was staying that she had seen outdoors. Worst of all, these mice had no fear of humans and did not simply run away.


Then it happened. While working in the RV one night the cat chased a HUGE mouse across the floor and under a cabinet.


Robin starts by discovering how the mice got in to begin with and then explains how she fixed her RV so they can’t get in again.

If you have holes in your RV where mice could sneak in, you are definitely going to want to see this.

After catching a mouse and plugging up the entrances, she thought she was OK, but no.  There was a nest of mice in the underfloor. They also were in her truck.

Then she tried a variety of methods to get rid of the vermin.

The video is great because Robin went nuclear and tried a whole bunch of products and ways to deal with the mice in the RV problem. This can save time for anyone else having this issue, as she shares what worked best and the pros and cons of the various methods.

So check out the informative video below and be prepared if you see a mouse, or better yet, prevent them from getting inside in the first place.


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Norman Beattie
2 months ago

My 3 Steps…#1 – Block access, use screen wire and Steel wool. #2 – Set traps, Get them all out. #3 – Use Peppermint baggies, replace when needed.

Laura Caldwell
2 months ago

Glue traps won’t work. Mice will chew their leg off to get off of them. Cotton balls with peppermint oil works wonders and it smells wonderful. Cinnamon oil is supposed to work too, but I’ve not tried it. You have to replace the cotton balls as they dry out. But it works!! Good luck.

2 months ago

Have read too many articles that have used scientific testing that show Irish Spring doesn’t work. The mice are either not there, ignore it or actually eat it. Blocking holes with steel wool and that critter foam is best for smaller holes. Her using galvanized steel rolls makes total sense for larger areas.

Lisa Adcox
2 months ago

Wish the story just told what she did. Sometimes I do not have time to watch a video.

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