Video: Pros and cons of joining Thousand Trails


This is one of the best reviews of the Thousand Trails membership program we’ve seen. After watching this you’ll wonder how anyone could ever figure out what level of membership is best, and whether in the long run if it’s a good deal to buy a membership in a camping program that can cost more than $10,000 to join.

John and Michelle, the RV Odd Couple on YouTube, took a lot of time to analyze the TT program (and monstrously long contract), offering both pros and cons of the various levels of membership. If you’re thinking about becoming a member, you should definitely watch this video.

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David Hagen

Could they make this membership program any more confusing? Sounds to me this whole thing is a scam. Even your kids are responsible for paying after you are dead?


Great video, very informative. Their cost per night, while impressive, is somewhat misleading as it does not include the cost of the membership(s) or the annual dues. I do understand that the longer they have, and use, their membership, the cheaper it is per day for the initial cost.

David Scheeler

Have to question why Thousand Trails allows their sales people to continue with deceptive sales practices.