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Stranded in a snowstorm in an RV pop-up trailer


By Cheri Sicard
If you have wondered what would happen if you unexpectedly got caught in a snowstorm in your RV, share the experience of Slim Potatohead in this popular YouTube video and wonder no more. Slim got stranded in a snowstorm in his A-liner pop-up camper.

I can relate. During my circus days the entire show got stranded during an Ohio snowstorm. All of us, including performers and animals, were stranded at a truck stop overnight and all the next day. In an extremely rare occurrence, the show did not go on.

In this video, Slim found what he thought was a break in the weather in order to migrate back north after spending the winter RVing in Mexico. A little rain was in the forecast, but nothing too concerning.

However, as he traveled, the sprinkle of rain turned into a downpour.

Halfway through his trip, the rain let up but not the clouds. An hour later he hit snow and super cold weather. The further he drove, the worse conditions got, including patches of black ice. As night was approaching he searched for a place to safely sit tight and ride out the storm.

Fortunately, he navigated to a truck stop in Shelby, Montana, where he was forced to spend the night. Then the question was whether or not he could manage to raise the roof on the pop-up trailer after it had been exposed to rain, ice, and freezing temperatures all day.

The RV gods were on his side and, with a little effort, the A-liner roof was in position for living. It may not have been the perfect scenario. For sure the solar panels were not working. But it would get the job done for the night.

Out his RV window, other dramas were taking place at the truck stop with semis getting stuck in snow and ice. Slim’s traction aids, which worked incredibly well, actually helped a semi get free!

Slim was prepared for cold weather with foam insulation he could put up in minutes. He hadn’t planned to use it on that trip, but it came in handy. Still, temperatures without the furnace were just above freezing. Surprisingly, this RVer opted not to start the heater and instead used an electric blanket and a warm sleeping bag to keep himself warm. This avoided possible condensation issues. But he did turn the heater on in the morning just to warm his clothes and to help melt the ice and snow that had accumulated on the roof overnight.

The next morning he was able to circumvent the stopped trucks and slowly and carefully navigate back to the highway, but conditions were icy and treacherous. Once he made it 20 miles to the Canadian border, the roads got significantly better.

Slim stresses how it is always important to have backup plans for such kinds of emergencies. And this video shows that by doing so, he survived being stranded in a snowstorm, in a pop-up trailer, just fine.


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Cody Lawson
29 days ago

Iv got a Aliner I been living in for the long haul since 2017.
All over Colorado, Arizona New Mexico, Moab an now I’m in southern Oklahoma. I work the Temp service jobs or odd jobs from Craigslist.
Many struggles, slightly miss TV showering in hot modern shower and the after work feeling of kicking off the shoe’s.
But I prefer my struggling self serving accomplishments.
I could never go back to the 50+ a yr life of painful steady mediocrity.

1 month ago

Hey Slim, put your pants and shirt “under” your sleeping bag and they’ll be nice and warm to put on in the morning. Don’t worry about a few wrinkles, you’re not in a glamour shoot. As for your boots, lay them on their side with the tops just under the bottom edge of your sleeping bag and the boot/sole part sticking out.

RV Staff(@rvstaff)
1 month ago
Reply to  Impavid

Hi, Impavid. Sounds like you’ve been there, done that. Probably up in the frigid Yukon, eh? Have a great day. 😀 –Diane

Donald N Wright
1 month ago

The folks with Aliner’s loved Slims adventures and improvements. Now he has a little box like trailer and a cabin somewhere.

1 month ago

We love Slim Potatoheads adventures