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Your views from quarantine: What’s out your window?


With Emily Woodbury

Last week I asked you to send us a photo of the current view out your window or door. In these weird (weeeeeird) times, I thought it might be nice to share each other’s views. Perhaps two of you are next door to each other and don’t even know it!

I (and the rest of the staff) so enjoyed looking through all the submissions. We got about 200 emails with beautiful photos attached (thank you!). It was fun seeing where you all are and what you’re looking at. Some of the photos were in campgrounds or RV parks, others showed the view out your sticks-and-bricks home. Some of you sent photos of sunny, blue-sky days while others of you sent in snow-covered scenes.

I wish I could respond to all of your emails, but Chuck keeps me busy with the website and I’d be up for a couple of nights straight if I did that. If you sent a photo and haven’t heard from me, know that I saw your photos and notes and that you put a smile on my face.

For the sake of your time, I won’t post all 200 photos (even though I’m tempted to…), but we’ll share a handful now and a handful later. Enjoy the views.

“My view is from our deck. In the distance, barely visible through the new Spring leaves is the beautiful Currahee Mountain in North Georgia. More appropriately than ever, Currahee loosely translates “Stand Alone” – seems like we’re doing a lot of that lately.
It’s a beautiful day here in Georgia, dipping down into the 30s last night with a forecast of sunny skies and a high temperature of 71 degrees. We have much to be thankful for today.

Thanks to the RV Travel staff for all you do. Stay safe and have a wonderful day!” — Joe Yergin

“Here is our view outside our RV at Riverside RV Resort, Arcadia, FL.” — Charlene Reagan

“Here’s a picture of the Cascade Mountains, as seen by my wife Leanne, dog Remington & me from our living room window this morning. We live on top of Fletcher Mountain in the Okanogan Highlands of North Central Washington State on the Canadian Border. Our present quarantine is indistinguishable from normal living here in the hills. The environment changes as we go down the hill into town.” — Vic Bunn

“Just sitting on a Sat morning reading the daily issue in Fort Mohave, AZ. We, as most Americans, wondering when it will get back to normal and we can get back on the road. Home is Arkansas, Go Hogs!!” — Dana

“This is the picture from my RV (Class B) window 1 mile north of Presidio, Texas at sunset, looking west” — Ed Sodano

“A woodpecker visits my hummingbird feeder regularly providing entertainment while we are quarantined in Donna, TX.”— Linda Hatcher

“The view out our back window in Stowe, VT.” — Ralph Graner

“Looking out my front door in Big Bend, Texas.” — Paul (or Voni) Glaves

“Taken in Trophy Gardens RV Park in Alamo, Texas. The golf course is closed but we can walk around it and that is what we are doing while wearing a mask. My husband, Butch, fell out of the shower on March 7th, the day after my birthday, and we have been grounded ever since in one way or another. We feel we could not be in a better place, however. When I go outside and hear the birds and watch their antics it lifts my spirit. And then I come inside and we play another hand or two of cribbage.” — Barbara Brooker

“This is the view from our deck of our 5th wheel toy hauler at Lost Dutchman State Park in Arizona. We live here for 6 months during the winter as camp hosts.” — Rosalie Magistro

“Frisco, Texas at Hidden Cove RV and Marina” — Cheryl DeNoi

“During the quarantine, here’s the view we have to our backyard and our community area in Sacramento, CA. We feel very fortunate to be here with enough supplies for the near future. I look forward to reading my RV Travel daily email so we can plan our next outing, whenever that will be. Stay safe everyone!” — Tim Miller

“Outside my window. Sitting patiently in Arizona.” — Mike Morris

“Just sitting at home, waiting to go somewhere. Until then we will enjoy our back yard visitors.” — Walt Fuhrmann

“This pic is of the sunrise lighting up the Chiricahua Mtns from the New Mexico side of the mountains across the San Simon Valley in the boot heel of New Mexico… The pic was taken from the front porch.” — Cathy Adler

“Here’s the view from my home office. Honestly, I prefer this to the view at my shop. Maybe I’ll just have to keep working from home after this is all behind us.” — Lori Seman

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BILLY Bob Thronton
1 year ago

Good to see many are living their life. Just got together with family and friends, it was sad to see a few, not many, are so terrified still. I explained we are just living our lives, traveling when the schedule permits, and put up with the controlling factions as necessary, so as not to disturb those who think they know. I’m beginning to think so many have been brainwashed, it will take an equal amount of time to undo what the current clown show in charge is selling very hard.

In the mean time, burn up some gas and diesel, and go RVing.

Dr. Sheridan J. Ball
2 years ago

Thanks Emily. What a treat. Loved all the photos – especially the deer & rabbit shot (so cute). Great idea. We love & greatly appreciate you and the RV Travel crew.

Mary Carlson
2 years ago

Thanks for the great diversion!

C J Mango
2 years ago

We resurrected that fire pit at Hidden Cove about 6 months ago! Really had some great times with our family and neighbors while we were there. Thank you for posting it!

Mitzi Agnew Giles
2 years ago

Thank you for joining the crew. I have been reading for almost 2 decades and know we are supposed to train up our replacements before we leave. I hope your dad and Gail will be with us for a long tie, but as the death of the RV Doctor shows, no one knows the future. Please you, your family crew, friends, readers- stay safe and happy.

2 years ago

These pictures are wonderful! Reminds me of how beautiful our country is and how interesting and amazing nature is :-). Thank you so much for this article And anytime you would like to show more of these pictures, it would be great!
Sheltering in place in Pensacola Florida 😊💕😊

Billy Bob Thornton
2 years ago

Darn it, I fear all the city slickers might look at these pictures and say, “when did this happen”.

Nice article.

2 years ago

Beautiful Emily, thanks for taking on the project and thanks to all who contributed. There’s lots of great out there -the pics prove it – nature seems to be the theme in everyone.

Debbie M
2 years ago

This article made me want to hit “LIKE” on every picture! I forgot I wasn’t on Facebook lol! Show us more Emily!

Carole Hamann
2 years ago

Well done Emily!! We enjoyed other views in this trying time. See you on the road again when it’s safe.

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