Tuesday, September 26, 2023


Wacky RVs: Are these extra toppings included in the price?

Some of these wacky RVs are pushing the limits on height restrictions on U.S. roads, but maybe they were trying to get more space without needing width restriction permits?

RV with VW beetle on topThis is a submission by one of our readers, Dennis Senecaut. He said he saw this in a Walmart parking lot in New Mexico. Hard to tell if the Bug is a fancy storage bin or a loft for the occasional overnight guest.


I guess an Airstream does look a little like a toaster, or maybe the owner likes to get toasted. Any guesses?

Scissor RV

This makes those early morning dog walks a little more interesting. The first step can be a doozy! But I bet the view is great!

second story RV

This one was sent in by one of our readers, Richard Davidson. He saw this at a campground but could not remember where.  This is the Outback Loft, so named because it has a popup loft. They stopped producing them several years ago – maybe due to leaks?

construction house

I’m not convinced this one is even real, but it looks pretty cool.

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  1. Actually, the loft looks like a good idea. With all the slide outs on RV’s, a slide up could be magical. (As long as the safety does not fail…and it comes down at two AM)


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