Wednesday, September 28, 2022


Which repellents keep mosquitoes away best?

Summer is on the way. For many RVers and other campers that means some unpleasant encounters with mosquitoes. Heaven knows there are plenty of repellents to keep the little blood suckers away. But which ones work?

In this four-minute segment from the TV show “Inside Edition,” mosquito experts try out several different sprays and other products that promise to keep the user free of mosquito bites. Do they all work? Absolutely not! Watch the video to see which ones you may want to avoid this summer season.


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4 years ago

Here’s a homemade mosquito repellent to try :
Big bottle of blue mouthwash
3 cups of epson salt
3 stale beers (your choice of brand)
Mix all together in a spray bottle and spray your campsite.

Laura C
4 years ago

Marilyn and I must be related. I’m going camping with her to see if I can just one time NOT be the bitten to shreds girl! That said I HATE the smell of repellants and plan to try the eucalyptus and lemon Repel notes in this report. Good luck, sister girl!

4 years ago

I’m surprised they didn’t test a Thermacell unit in the outdoor cage. Those seem to work pretty well.

Marilyn R.
4 years ago

I am one of those people who everybody wants to sit beside when camping because they know that those dang blood-thirsty mosquitoes will come to me not them. Put me with other 100 people in a room with 1 mosquito and I’m the one bit. I have tried all of these sprays including Deep Wood without success. Yet I continue to go out camping. I might wake my husband up at 2 AM to kill a blood-sucking villain but he has learned to tolerate my hatred of this nuisance insect. Is there REALLY a product out there for me and others who suffer with being targeted?

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