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Readers tell us: Have you ever felt uncomfortable about your safety in an RV park?


By Emily Woodbury

No matter the circumstance, you never want to feel unsafe, especially in your own home (whether that’s a sticks-and-bricks home or your home on wheels). Now, one good thing about being in an RV when you feel unsafe is that you can quickly pack up and drive off, which is something you can’t do if your home is stuck in the ground. But it’s not always about feeling safe in your RV. What about at your campsite? In the campground office? By the fishing pond or near the playground?

Last week, in Wednesday’s RV Daily Tips Newsletter, we asked you if you’ve ever felt uncomfortable about your safety in an RV park. Almost 3,500 of you responded (thank you!), and here’s what you told us: A very fortunate 73 percent of you said no, you’ve never felt unsafe in an RV park. On the other end of the spectrum though, 27 percent of you have. Let’s scroll through the comments and see what you wrote.

Reader Roy commented, “We were in a park in St. Catherines, Ontario, where the people behind us were loud, drunk, and had a bonfire instead of a campfire with flames shooting 20-30 ft. in the air at 2 a.m. They finally went to bed around 3 a.m. but left the fire burning. When I complained to the park management they said there was nothing they could do. I left and posted it on social media and was told by another person that I wasn’t the only one and the park ended up going out of business.”

P. Gerard wrote, “Safety concerns only once in 50+ years. That was in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. We had gone to Bourbon St. for dinner and to wander about. Got back to our site, there were 2 men standing in front of our rig. They saw our California plates and came to tell us they were out-of-state firemen, come to help the city. We were warned not to open our doors after dark, and to yell loud if trouble and they would come running. There were drug dealers living in FEMA trailers and they wanted to make sure we stayed safe. We thanked them, locked our doors and left in the AM.”

And Sink Jackson said, “Yep, stayed at a park in Oklahoma. People were obviously doing drugs and we actually saw one ‘exchange.’ These people were looking at me with the stink eye like …mind your own business! Well, I did. Got in the camper and didn’t come out until morning. Lot of cars coming and going thru the night. I didn’t even take time to make coffee, just packed up and bugged out!”

Reader M. Will does things a little differently though. They wrote, “I don’t ever feel uncomfortable in an RV park because I never stay in one. I feel safer being out and boondocking….” What about wildlife, M. Will? No crazy encounters there?

If you’ve ever felt unsafe while in your RV, will you tell me me the comments below? Many of you mentioned times where alcohol and drugs were involved in campgrounds or RV parks, but I’d like to hear about some other times too. Thanks!

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Helen Lloyd
2 years ago

I have felt unsafe while overnighting in a “closed” mall parking lot. We were under a street light, towards front, but cars pulled into lot all night. No sleep in NM

Tim & Melissa Johnson
2 years ago

Only time was at Proud Lake State Park in Michigan.

2 years ago

An important item Emily, thank you for opening the discussion.
After more than 50 years as a recreational vehicle owners, we’ve seen our share of pure human waste of time, skin and what could have been a better time for all.

The most recent incident was last summer at a WalMart where drug runners never stopped running drugs all night long near us. It is dam intimidating to be parked next to a car with its windows all tinted so you can’t see whose inside, then another rig pulls up all doors open and the deal is made and one vehicle replaces another in the merry-go-round.
For this reason we really try to avoid the trash that uses WalMart, as their safe site to deal drugs – AND IT IS GETTING WORSE AS PRISONs FILL UP WITH THIS RIFF-RAFT, AND THE courts in Canada and the USA release them to continue making life horrible for those around them.

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