Friday, December 9, 2022


Readers tell us: Are you doing your major grocery shopping online to be delivered to you?


By Emily Woodbury

When Chuck originally asked this question in the April 18th edition of our Saturday newsletter, he wrote, “We had never done our grocery shopping online until three weeks ago, when we decided to give it a try. We’re hooked. The Smith’s Food and Drug in town, about five miles away, delivers. You pay an additional $10. We’ve ordered three times now. Last evening, for example, Gail placed an order for about 40 items including some fruit and vegetables. They were delivered to us at 11 a.m. this morning.”

When I spoke to him on the phone a couple of weeks ago, I was skeptical. I asked, “But what if they bring me green bananas when I want ripe bananas?” Gail spoke from the background, “You can tell them in the notes section and they’ll text you if they don’t have any!” Well, OK, I can’t argue with that! (Some of you did point out my concern in the comments though, so perhaps Gail and my dad just have good produce-pickin’ delivery people.)

According to our reader poll, though, 66 percent of you are like me and still go to the grocery store (even in the times of a pandemic). However, a combined 14 percent of you are like my dad and Gail, and either order your groceries online sometimes or all the time to be delivered.

If you’re thinking about getting your groceries delivered, take a scroll through the 72 comments left on this poll (click here). There are a lot of negative comments about some services, but many positive ones too.

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Rory R
2 years ago

I order cleaning products, soap, crackers, canned goods, and anything but fresh fruits and vegetables online. For perishables, I do make a trip to the store or one of the few dairy drive-ins left and pick those perishables out myself….

2 years ago

I agree with David, I’m far too picky to allow someone else to pick out our food. If I ate prepared or convenience foods I probably wouldn’t care but I like to cook with fresh and locally sourced, if possible.

David Binkley
2 years ago

I can and will always pick out my own fruits and vegatables until I physically cannot do it anymore. Everything else, too, for that matter.