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john stahl

So sorry about Gary. My life has changed very little during this time except we can’t travel. But we are good and we keep busy. Our life is great except for the travel part. But this will end and we will be traveling. My prayers go out to so many that have no job, or no business, or no money. That is terrible and my heart hurts for them. My prayers go out to all the doctors and nurses and people that are in harms way to help others. My heart hurts for those that have died and for all their family and friends and loved ones. My disgust is for the Trump haters that will not even join with him as he tries to do everything he can to help with coronavirus. No respect for our president is totally wrong during this desperate time for our country. May God have mercy on those haters. This is the time and place for all of us to join together to end this virus. This is not the time to show hate and disrespect.


I watch the Jeff Dunham videos and the ones he is doing with this Wuhan Virus is hilarious. Got to see the one from Walter. Very well done. Michigan is done and reopening April 30. Yes we here in Michigan did indeed shut down our governor. Made national news and made a grass roots movement across the country because of it. Time to reopen.

Marty Mapson

Sorry to hear about Gary. May he rest in peace.

Gary Reed

The answer to tomorrow’s Brain teaser is “ Just One Word”.

John Eibeck

This is just a thought and, perhaps you or another site is already doing this, but would it behoove us to share the names, addresses and phone numbers of various private campgrounds around the country that have remained open and are still accepting campers, be it long-term or transient? We have been hunkered down in a private campground for the past 2 months and, with the monthly rate, it is only costing around $19 / day for a 30/50 amp FHU pull-thru site.


Gary was a guiding light. He set the example of what a good friend should be. He always did his best to be patient with everyone. he tried to carve out some quality time with each one, and believe me, we were a lot. He always saw the good in people, and if he saw the bad, he certainly didn’t gossip about it. If you needed him, he was there and asking what he could do to help.
I believe that he would want us all to dwell on the happy times we shared with him, and let the sad memories fade. God will be there with him to carry him safely to his final resting place. God bless you Gary and rest in peace. We will all miss you.

Billy Bob Thornton

Hollywood clowns are irrelevant, and they hate it. They spend most of their time trying to make headlines criticising the government for the fantastic job they did and are doing. Oh, and to all those actors who bash America on the world stage, this just in; Johnson and Johnson expects to have a vaccine ready for trials in September, with first use ready for the public early next year. Plans are to ramp up manufacture to around 1 BILLION doses for distribution WORLD WIDE. Guess it took this to cement the truth, that their just ACTORS!


“Major expansion of Sailun production facilities announced”. I think this article, in light of what China has done to the world is in very poor taste. Personally, I will go out of my way to avoid anything Made In China. Let’s take back our country from communist China.


Chuck and all the staff at RV Travel, My deepest sympathies to you on the passing of Gary. I know how much he meant to you, the RV community as well as his family. This scourge doesn’t discriminate. I keep hoping it’s a bad dream and we will all wake up someday to find no more hate, divisiveness and political disparity. John Lennon had it right “Imagine”. God bless Gary Bunzer.


Reading Dale Lage’s suggestion about putting “stick on” levels on your driver’s or passenger side windows, I couldn’t help but wonder how can the window go down with the level attached? Am I missing something here?

Phil Gordon

I’m greatly saddened to hear of the passing of Gary Bunzer. Gary was responsible for so much of my learning in preparation for our RV life. Although I never met him in person, I’ve watched so many of his videos that I feel like I knew him. RIP, Gary.

DJ Napora

Sheltering in place near Buffalo, NY got kind of boring after 3 weeks, so I brought the RV home, de winterized, and called around for a place for a change in scenery. The KOA in Watkins Glen, 3 hours away was opening on Friday, and has a really fine way of checking in during the “covid days”. To start, you have to be self contained: bathhouses, toilets, common areas and the store are closed. You check in over the phone, give them your charge card, and when we got here a map and parking pass was in the “late check in” booth. If you need anything essential, you call and someone ( with plastic gloves and mask) comes to your site with ice, wood, etc.
There is only a few people here, but it is absolutely what we need for a few days to walk around, stretch, cook and clean….Talking about past trips and planning the future ones.( WHENEVER)
PS: Rosie and I never glamped on a cold, snowy evening..so it’s great to see how our Tiffin motorhome can take the abuse. God Bless all of the RV folks out there!