Friday, May 20, 2022


Yummy protein- and flavor-packed tuna salads perfect for on-the-go RVers

This week in the mail… We received a box from Wild Planet containing several samples of its ready-to-eat, no-preparation tuna salad bowls. I like ready-to-eat foods, and I especially like no-preparation foods. Easy as pie! Or, in this case, easy as tuna!

They sent a few samples of each of their Wild Tuna, Bean & Corn Salad, their Wild Tuna Pasta Salad, and their Wild Tuna White Bean Salad. I gotta say, I’m a fan of all three! They’re really good!

We always promise to be honest in our reviews, and, as you know, we don’t get paid for these. But I promise, when I say they’re really good, I mean it.

I’ve been eating them for lunch, sometimes with crackers, sometimes without. And as soon as I finish these, I plan on buying more to keep in my pantry for my upcoming summer hikes and camping trips. They’ll be great for that. Just pop open the tin, grab a fork and enjoy!

These are perfect for day trips, hikes, bike rides, or just as a quick, easy meal to pop open when you don’t feel like cooking. Have them on crackers, toast or just by themselves. I might try putting the tuna, bean and corn one in a taco!

The tuna is 100% sustainable, line-caught, low-mercury, wild skipjack tuna, and the veggies and noodles are all organic and non-GMO. Now, that’s all stuff I like to hear!

I’ll have to pay for my next round, but you bet I’ll be buying more soon. They threw out a line and I bit. I’m sold.

You can buy them directly from the Wild Planet website here, or on Amazon. Here’s the Tuna and White Bean Salad, the Tuna Pasta Salad, and the Tuna, Bean & Corn salad.




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