RV Daily Tips Issue 180. August 2, 2013

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Friday, August 2, 2013

Issue 180 of RV Daily Tips
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RVing Tip of the Day

Alternative fix to broken Norcold fridge hinge saves money
by Dick Wright

Norcold refrigerator doors are notorious for the bottom hinge breaking because they are plastic. While you could replace the piece on the bottom, it's not available for Norcold. Their solution? Sell you a new door.

There really is no bonding agent that will hold the hinge for the long haul. Searching the Internet provides a permanent fix. It was an obscure posting and I have not been able to find it again, but I did copy images of the fix for my own reference. I can't take personal credit for it — but for Norcold owners it's a godsend, as it can save them hundreds of dollars.

The first large photo shows a normal hinge pin for a Norcold door. Remove the door by unscrewing the pin in the top hinge.

What I did first was glue the broken piece into place with superglue. I then drilled a hole on each side of the hinge piece and reinforced it with small screws that went through both pieces.

The last picture shows a piece of aluminum strap 1/8-inch thick the length of the door. You can purchase this at Home Depot or Lowes. Round the two outside corners. Drill and countersink holes every six inches. Drill the bottom of the door for each hole and temporarily attach with the first and last screw. Drill out the hinge pin hole being very careful to match up the new hole in the aluminum with the hole in the broken piece. Remove the aluminum strap and paint it black and allow it to dry thoroughly. Then replace all the screws and reset the door on the hinge pins. You now have a permanent fix and a hinge that is much stronger than the original.

For larger images of this, follow this link.

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Enjoy your portable generator — safely.
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Save time crossing the border
Planning on an RV adventure into Mexico or Canada, but on a tight schedule? Call ahead to the border crossing and check for crossing times. If there's a long wait, check and see if another nearby crossing has a better offering.

New York State Parks. Everything you need to know about visiting and camping in a New York State Park.

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Video Tip of the Day
A one- to two-minute tip every weekday.

How to make your own replacement gasket

RVs often have many small or obscure parts that you won't find at Home Depot, an auto parts store or even in an RV parts store. This situation sometimes leads to creative solutions. Here's a simple, inexpensive way to make a replacement gasket for one on your RV that has gone bad.


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