RV Travel Newsletter: September 14-September 20. Issue 603

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Weekend of September 14, 2013

Issue 603 of RV Travel
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Editor's corner

With Chuck Woodbury
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I'm still in Hershey, Pennsylvania, at the 2013 Hershey RV Show, which is officially billed as America's Largest RV Show. If you are in the area, there is still time to attend. It runs through tomorrow (Sunday). It's a huge affair. For anyone interested in seeing what's new for 2014, this is a piece of heaven.

Half the reason I attend the show each year is to rub elbows with my buddies — mostly other guys who write or do videos about the RV industry, and to meet up with readers of this newsletter. So far, a dozen readers have introduced themselves, and I've run into several authors of books we sell, which is always nice. I'm writing this on Thursday, so there is still plenty of time to explore the show and visit with friends.

I've explored many of the RVs on display and have been impressed with a half-dozen. I was amazed by the super-spacious Rockwood HW 296 pop-up trailer (photo on left) that includes "everything" — even a bathroom with shower. I also liked a lightweight hybrid trailer by Starcraft, the Travel STar EXP 187TB, with three canvas "pop outs" which make room for two double beds and a queen-size bed, plus all the other regular RV features. It's so light that it can be pulled by many family cars. Lightweight trailers are the big thing this year and are popular with buyers. Depending upon who you talk with, towable RVs — trailers of all sizes and fifth wheels — are outselling motorized RVs about 12-to-one (some people say 16-to-one).

Winnebago is debuting a new lightweight Class C motorhome with single-tire rear axle and a very interesting drop-down double bed (just push a button), with a Penistar 3.6 litre gas engine on a Ram ProMaster chassis. At 9,300 pounds, the 24-foot Trend (see photo above to the right) is not suited to pulling a tow vehicle. But for a couple or family looking for an RV for camping weekends or vacations, it might be just the thing (good mileage). It retails for around $90,000 but it's being sold at the show for about $79,000. Click the video that shows the bed dropping down when it's time for bed. I have never seen anything like it.

I loved a tiny trailer from Little Guy — even smaller than a Teardrop — called MyPod, that weighs a mere 500 pounds and can be pulled by virtually any vehicle, even some motorcycles. This would be a great step-up for tenters tired of sleeping on the hard ground.

I'm putting together a video showing these vehicles and others and will have it posted within a couple of weeks.

But for now, I must get back to work (and to play). I'll be home late Sunday night and hope to see you here again next week.

* * *
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A business financial group, GE Capital, says the RV industry is looking good. They base this on several factors including "turnover," the ratio at which RV dealers' inventories are sold and replaced annually, which is now "2X" in some regions. Another ratio, aging, compares inventory less than a year old to that over a year. Aging in the industry has steadily declined for the last two years.

Class B motorhome builder Roadtrek says it will now warrant its new RVs with a five year, no mileage limited warranty. Will Class A and C builders follow suit?

Many of Colorado's U.S. Forest Service campgrounds near Aspen will have a longer season than usual. Concessionaire White River Recreation says it will keep many sites open long into this month, and some even longer.

Palmer Designs attempted to break the world land speed record for motorhomes, 137.9 mph, using a GMC motorhome. On the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, the group fought with winds to get their rig up to 120.838 mph. The current record holder, a Westfalia, still reigns. Palmer will try again next year.

The cause of the huge wildfire that burned its way into Yosemite National Park has been tracked down. It appears the fire was accidentally set by a hunter — not marijuana cultivators, an idea floated earlier by a local fire chief. The wildfire burned an area pushing 375 square miles and required a firefighting force of thousands.

A relatively new outfit, RV Golf Club, offers a $49 membership that allows RVers to park at more than 300 golf clubs around the U.S. for one night, free. No hookups, no garbage service, no putting out the awnings — just a place to stay. Some clubs will provide discounts for greens fees, restaurants, etc.

When Coleman-Mach rolled its 5 millionth RV air conditioner off the line, it gave it a gold shroud and put it in a normal box. The company said it would give an award to whoever the unsuspecting customer turned out to be. Kyle Spilker, of DeWitt, Neb., got the unit — and now will get a free air conditioner and an Alaskan cruise.

To enhance fall leaf-peeping, three campgrounds in Vermont's Green Mountain National Forest will stay open late in the season — Chittenden Brook, Moosalamoo and Silver Lake campgrounds will remain open through the Columbus Day weekend, closing October 15.

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More news

Three high school students in Cedaredge, Colo., staying overnight in an RV housed in a shed, were overcome by carbon monoxide last weekend when they fired up a generator to watch a movie. One young man died, one was in critical condition, and one was in good condition at press time.

Wind Cave National Park (S.D.) officials are looking for approval of increased camping and cave tour rates. Camp fees would jump $6 to $18 and tours would climb by $3 to $9 if approved by the Park Service.

Hiawatha National Forest (Mich.) will close some campgrounds early this fall. The following campgrounds will close in September on the listed dates: Bay View (28th), Brevoort Lake (19th), Carp River (7th), Lake Michigan (23rd), Monocle Lake (8th), Three Lakes (6th), Soldiers Lake (10th). The unexpected departure of a concessionaire has led to these closures.

Some camping areas in the Pachaug State Forest (Conn.) have been reopened after traps show reductions in mosquitoes carrying EEE (Eastern Equine Encephalitis). Several areas were closed in late August out of concern for human health. EEE symptoms in humans include high fever, muscle pain, mental issues, photophobia, seizures and more.

A six-year-old Stow, Ohio, boy used his head — and his teeth — to escape an abductor at Silver Springs Campground. The boy had sneaked away from the campsite without his parents' consent, only to be grabbed by a man who tried to force the lad into a truck. The boy bit the man, broke free and made his escape.

You might be one of the one-of-every-million of earth's inhabitants to be allowed to take your RV and shelter safely from nearly every known catastrophe that can befall earth. Vivos, a survival shelter firm, is opening a more than 1,000-site RV shelter in a limestone mine near Atchison, Kan. Not everyone who applies qualifies. Members are vetted based on multiple criteria, including, "profession, education, expertise, skills, benefit to the Vivos community, proximity to a Vivos location, current health," etc.

National Park Statistics: Only one-in-five visitors to parks is non-white. Latinos take backseat, making up a mere 10 percent of visitors although nationally they make up nearly 17 percent of the population.

Farmer City, Ill., joins the ranks of cities putting restrictions on RV parking. Now RVs and boats are limited to a maximum of 10 days of street parking.

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Winding Roads by Joe Schmidt

On this date in history:
September 14
Compiled by Dell Bert

1814: Francis Scott Key writes "Star-Spangled Banner."
1868: Golf's first recorded hole-in-one (Tom Morris at Prestwick's 8th hole).
1960: Chubby Checker's "Twist" hits number one.
1963: Mary Ann Fischer of Aberdeen, SD, gave birth to America's first surviving quintuplets, four girls and a boy.
1987: Cal Ripken's streak of 8,243 consecutive innings (908 games) is broken.

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Roof inspection begins inside
Begin roof inspection inside, looking for signs of moisture. On roof, push on different spots for points of softness or looseness. Check for low spots where water can pool, as well as cracks or tears. Check sealants for gaps and deterioration. “Follow the dirt” — evidence of water flow to leaky spots.
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Mirror, mirror, on the RV: Tailswing and RV mirror use
Develop the habit of using your mirrors and you can avoid one of the most common causes of insurance claims for RVers. See these tips for efficient — and accident-preventing — ways to use and adjust your mirrors. Tips here.

Starcraft RV recalls trailers for potential runaway spare tire problem
The spare tire bracket could detach while driving on some of these trailers made by Starcraft RV. Check here if your rig is affected and what to do to correct it.

HepvO Sanitary Waste Valve solves multiple problems in RVs
Eliminating odors inside your RV — both while on the road and when stored — from waste tanks is only one of the advantages of the HepvO valve. It will also get rid of the space-stealing pipes and elbows under sinks and can be easily installed by the average RVer. Learn more.

How to keep your RV drawers and storage areas organized
Are you organizationally challenged? Rich Miller, "The Wanderman," certainly is. Here's how he attempts to keep things in order around the RV, both in drawers and other storage areas.

That used rig "almost perfect"? Comfort tips that may make a difference
Sit on the furniture, at the dinette. Lie down on the bed and sofa bed. Will you develop a crick in your neck watching TV? There are ways to correct those drawbacks and get closer to the "perfect" rig. See more.

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Be glad that Roger, The Tireman, is as obsessive about tire pressures as he is, so you don't have to guess. He runs multiple gauges, has them tested in a laboratory — well, you get it. See the results of his gauge testing here.

Beware of fees on prepaid debit cards
If you are a fulltimer or snowbird, you have probably considered prepaid debit cards. But before you sign on the dotted line, there are a few things you need to consider — or you may feel a pain in the wallet. Learn more.

Mod your truck camper: Do-it-yourself sewer hose carrier
Not all manufacturers provide a place to stow your sewer hose — and with space already at a premium, finding the right place is a major issue. But you can easily make your own customized carrier with these simple instructions. Read more.

Where can you see autumn's turning of the leaves?
The National Forest Service's Fall Colors 2013 campaign website will show you where and when to find the best leaf-peeping opportunities. Hint: Maine is peaking now. See more.

Australian firm's outside-the-box truck camper creation
This compact truck camper unfolds like a spring wildflower in this futuristic version of the truck camper, yet it folds up to an aerodynamic shape when in transit. See it here.

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Latest fuel prices
Here are the latest U.S. average prices per gallon of gasoline and diesel fuel.
Regular unleaded gasoline: $3.56 (on September 13)
Change from week before: Down 5 cents; Change from year before: Down 31 cents
Diesel: $3.98 (on September 9)
Change from week before: None; Change from year before: Down 15 cents

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RV DoctorAir conditioner freeze-up

Dear Gary,
We have a 15 kBTU ducted Duo-Therm, roof-mounted air conditioner on our coach. No heat pump. Here in Texas, with temperatures over 100 degrees every day, our A/C unit would keep freezing up, leaving us without cooling for over an hour while it thawed. It puts out good cold air, but it will freeze up at least twice daily — sometimes even in the middle of the night. This will happen whether we are parked in shade or sun. Any suggestions as to what we can do to prevent this? ... —Liz S., (Sunnyvale, TX)

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The RV Shrink

RVing the dark side

Dear Dr. R.V. Shrink:
When we started RVing it only took one bad experience to decide I never wanted to drive in the dark again. My husband seemed to agree, but he has a tendency to make time and push the limits of our driving day. Recently we were headed for Anacortes, Washington, to a county park. It was getting late, but we were only an hour from our destination. My husband talked me into going all the way, so we arrived in total darkness. The road into the park narrowed to one lane, took a hard left, and went straight up. We had no idea what we were getting into, and there was no turning around.... —Scared of the dark side in Denver

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Keep your batteries charged

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Lazy Day Cheese Souffle
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Dr. Rock
Roadside Geology for RVers

Visiting California's San Andreas Fault

Dear Doc Rock,
Where can I actually see/touch the San Andreas Fault? I'm visiting California in a month, and have long wanted to visit this famous earthquake fault. —Marsha B., Salt Lake City

Read Dr. Rock's answer.

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Margaret Smith Court was the only woman tennis player to win the Grand Slam in both singles and doubles. She won the Grand Slam (Wimbledon, U.S. Open, French Open, and Australian Open) in mixed doubles with fellow Aussie Ken Fletcher in 1963, and the Grand Slam in singles in 1970.

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